VIZ creators at Lakes Festival, new edition of ‘Profanisaurus’ on sale

Hail Sweary - The All-New Profanisaurus

Members of the VIZ comic team will be at the Lakes International Comics Festival next month – and copies of the new edition of the long-running Profanisaurus, inspired by the ‘Roger Mellie’ strip.

Hail Sweary: The All New Profanisaurus, a parody of Roget’s Thesaurus, is the latest edition of “the Ultimate Enyclopaedia of Bad Language”, due for release on 1oth October, an updated version of the title previously published as the Magna Farta and Das Krapital (as well as other titles!).

This new version features 4000 new rude words, although not all of them originate from the comic strip featuring the foul-mouthed TV front man Roger Mellie,  (“The Man on the Telly”), whose catchphrase is “Hello, good evening and bollocks!”, satirising David Frost’s catchphrase “Hello, good evening, and welcome”.

Viz creators Simon Thorp and Graham Dury will appear at the Brewery Arts Centre as part of the Festival on Saturday evening (19th October).  More than 25 years after their last appearance at a comic event, they will be talking to Kev F. Sutherland about the comic, the art of crude toilet humour, black comedy and surreal joke and some of their most famous characters like ‘Raffles the Gentleman Thug’, ‘The Fat Slags’, ‘Felix and his Amazing Underpants’ and, of course, Roger Mellie.

• Tickets, priced £9, can be purchased online at The Brewery Arts Centre or by telephone Box Office: 01539 725 133 or in person in advance. Please note: Advisory age limit of 18+
In order to ensure access to events the Festival organisers advise you book tickets in advance and you’ll be guaranteed a seat – no uncertainty, no queuing. They’ve devised two options. First – Purchasing tickets for individual events, and second,  purchasing a special pass offering substantial discounts to which you can add additional tickets if you wish. A Weekend Pass costs £25 and includes unlimited access to Comics Clock Tower plus you choose four daytime events (starting before 7.00pm). Or a Day Pass – £14 Saturday or Sunday, which  includes unlimited access to Comics Clock Tower plus you choose two daytime events.

• The Profanisaurus: Das Krapital also available as a digital app from iTunes for ipad and iphone etc, and Google Play for Android devices
• An earlier veriosn of this post creditted the creation of Roger Mellie to Barney Farner and Roger Mellie. This was a f%$%*ing mistake. Sorry. Thanks to b*%%$! Lee Healey for letting us know.

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