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WarWorldz: Origins has just launched on the Tapastic web comic platform and we hope you’ll give it your support.

The story is set in 2015 on a mysterious alien world linked to our own through a  Dimensional Gate, where humans battle alien races for survival.

“WarWorlds: Origins” lays the seeds for the future Earth you’ll see in WarWorldz stories such as Death Duty (being serialised in the e-comic anthology, 100% Biodegradable) and Skow Dogs.

The strip is written by Commando and film writer Stephen Walsh based on an outline and concept created by John Freeman, and drawn by Marvel artist Giancarlo Caracuzzo.

The strip springs from a concept for a television series originally developed by John, that in turn was based on a novel project first developed for Hodder Headline in the 1990s that was not pursued.

The comic strip was originally commissioned by Print Media for STRIP Magazine, but work on the project was unfortunately abandoned. Since  none of the creators involved were paid for their work or any contracts signed, it is their copyright and John, Stephen and Giancarlo agreed running the completed pages might generate enough interest to continue the story online.

“We’re going to do our best to promote this in the hope that we can gain 500+ subscribers on Tapastic” says John, “and, having achieved that, sponsorship by our Tapastic fans.”

“WarWorlds: Origins” is part of a Shared Universe project conceived by John Freeman featuring the work of numerous creators, including Dave Hailwood, Brett Burbridge, Dave Thomson, Stephen Walsh, Giancarlo Caracuzzo and Bill Storie.

Creators share the copyright on induvdual strips they work on within the WarWorldz Universe, and revenues from any sales and merchandising.

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