WebFind: Meet the Spook Squad – Adventures Too Scary for Boys!

Spook Squad © Roger Hurn & Peter Richardson

Spook Squad © Roger Hurn & Peter Richardson

Meet the Spook Squad – Adventures Too Scary for Boys – an irresistible concept that applies to animation, toys, games, books and a wealth of potential merchandising opportunities. And, perhaps, comics too?

The action is led by four feisty girls who have no superpowers or fancy costumes. Instead they use their wits, resourcefulness and imagination to turn the tables on the bad guys.

The Spook Squad are Roxy, Leena, Nita, Emma and – whether they want him or not – Rattle the poltergeist. The four girls are as bright and sparky as a fire in a fireworks factory. So, on dark and stormy nights, when the vampires are being a pain in the neck and hairy horrors are on the prowl, the Spook Squad springs into action.

Spook Squad - Leena

Spook Squad © Roger Hurn & Peter Richardson

Spook Squad Productions is the brainchild of illustrator Peter Richardson and writer Roger Hurn, created in response to popular demand, and chosen by the Book Trust for their Bookbuzz award, the creators (rightly from the look of it!) assure us this concept is guaranteed to enchant and engage children 7 – 12.

While on a tour making author visits to schools promoting his Mystery Mob series of books which feature a gang of boys, Roger was repeatedly asked by girls at the Q and A sessions why he didn’t write a series in which girls, not boys, were the main characters and got to do all the exciting stuff?

It was a good question – so he did. He didn’t dare do otherwise! To this end, he teamed up with top illustrator Peter Richardson and the result was Spook Squad – Adventures Too Scary for Boys.

Now Peter and Roger are building on the success of the Spook Squad books by developing the concept into an animated series, a video game and many other manifestations—spooky and otherwise.

• Official Web Site: www.spook-squad-productions.com | Facebook

• Mystery Mob is written by Roger Hurn, bestselling author and primary school teacher, and feature a gang of six boys getting into scrapes as they investigate strange mysteries. Find out more about the project here | Buy the Mystery Mob books from amazon.co.uk

Spook Squad © Roger Hurn & Peter Richardson

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