(W)HO! (W)HO! (W)HO! It’s Christmas!

The Down The Tubes crack reporting team debate potential plotlines for the Doctor Who Christmas special.

Last year I sat on (not behind) a sofa on Christmas Day and watched the Doctor Who special with my five year old nephew. Despite any generalisms about today’s children spending too much time sitting in front of televisions he is not one for a lot of TV watching, but he dutifully sat quietly through it with only the odd question of “What’s that?” or “Who’s she?” It was his first experience of the good Doctor.

One year later he now has more Doctor Who toys than I ever did, is a subscriber to Doctor Who Adventures and, most depressingly for me, owns more new Who on DVD than I do.

So this Christmas Day at 6:50pm we will be on the same sofa watching the new Christmas episode – although I suspect with Kylie on board we won’t be the only ones watching. Let’s hope that the rest of them keep quiet so we can watch it in peace.

Merry Christmas.

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