Who will be cast as Minnie the Minx in new live-action show?

Minnie the Minx 60th Anniversary Beano Cover

Who will be cast as Minnie The Minx? That’s the question many Beano fans are asking, some wondering if this week’s anniversary celebrations will be accompanied by more news about the announced live-action TV show from Lime Pictures, in partnership with Beano Studios.

Beano Studios had been dropping hints about The Magnificent Misadventures of Minnie for a while, keen to capitalise on the success of their animated Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed! for CBBC, but beyond the initial announcement back in May, as yet there’s been little news on the project.

Aimed at kids aged between 8 and 12, Beano Studios are working with All3Media-backed Lime Pictures on the new show, the company which has offices in both Liverpool and London that’s behind Netflix’s teen horse drama Free Rein, but whose credits also include Grange Hill and Disney’s The Evermor Chronicles.

Clearly experienced in teen drama, with Rocket’s Island another of their shows, the scripts for The Magnificent Misadventures of Minnie are being developed by Julie Bower, creator of CBBC’s teen drama So Awkward , who’s also a writer on Evermore. She’s working with Danger Mouse and Horrible Histories writer Danielle Ward.

The first full appearance of Minnie the Minx in The Beano, 19th December 1953

The first full appearance of Minnie the Minx in The Beano, 19th December 1953. Art © DC Thomson

Minnie, real name is Hermione Makepeace, is one of the key characters in the Beano, first appearing in the comic in 1953, the creation of Leo Baxendale, who’s been drawn by artists that include Jim Petrie, Nigel Parkinson and Paul Palmer. In the comic, she’s aged 10, born 19th December (the cover date of her first appearance, in Beano No.596) and is cousin to Dennis and part of a much bigger family.

Panels from a classic episode of Minnie the Minx by Leo Baxendale.

Panels from a classic episode of Minnie the Minx by Leo Baxendale.

A page of Minnie the Minx drawn by Jim Petrie, published in The Beano dated 18th June 1983. Art © DC Thomson

A page of Minnie the Minx drawn by Jim Petrie, published in The Beano dated 18th June 1983. Art © DC Thomson

The new show will feature the 13-year-old rebellious heroine Minnie; a thoroughly modern girl and budding comic book artist, whose unapologetic creative thinking challenges any status quo!

Together with her best friends Becky and Sam, Minnie puts her mischievous and spirited ideas into action – even if it leaves a trail of chaos in her wake. The group of friends tackle both school drudgery and daily tribulations in their own marvellous and original way.

Minnie is being described as the voice of young girls everywhere who refuse to hide behind the scenes.

The new co-development deal is the first alliance between Lime Pictures and Beano Studios, and the collaboration comes after Lime’s recent Emmy Award for best children’s programme for their British-made Netflix show Free Rein.

Beano Studios’ Chris Rose (Director of Development and Production) and Michelle Forde (Senior Development Producer) are working closely with Lime Pictures’ Kate Little (Managing Director) and Tim Compton (Development Executive) on the co-development.

Following the rapid growth of TV animation Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed! released last year on CBBC and internationally; the show marks Beano Studio’s first move into live-action from traditional animation and shows the extensive development from the brand across different genres and formats. ​

“Collaborating with Lime Pictures to bring Beano’s strongest and most rebellious female character to a new live action audience is extremely exciting,” Chris Rose said when the show was first announced. “Minnie has, and always will be, an inspirational character for a forward-thinking generation”.

“Minnie the Minx is the quintessential girl who climbs trees and has been busy entertaining generations of children since her very first appearance in the 1950s,” commented Kate Little. “Minnie’s embodiment of girl power remains so relevant to today’s young audiences: we are thrilled to be working with Beano Studios to bring one of their best loved characters and all her impish antics to life on screen for a fresh generation of minxes everywhere.”

Check out Beano Superstars – Minnie the Minx on Beano.com

Who would you cast as Minnie the Minx? Why not comment below?

Minnie the Minx © Beano Studios

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