Whose Side Are You On? Election Trail at London’s Cartoon Museum

In the lead-up to the General Election, London’s Cartoon Museum is hosting a short trail through the history of elections in the UK, highlighting some of their favourite election cartoons over the years and featuring artists such as James Gillray, Trog, Steve Bell, Nicola Jennings and Ella Baron.

Your country needs you to piss off © Ella Baron 2024
Middlesex-election, 1804, by James Gillray

They also have a lovely selection of election-themed goodies in our shop to complete the visit.  For example, are you sick of Nigel Farage? Now you can feed him to your cat! (for clarity – and on the advice of lawyers – the Museum wouldn’t advise you to feed the real Nigel Farage to a cat…).

“There are no Keir Starmer ice creams for sale though I’m afraid!” says Museum director Joe Sullivan in a post about the exhibition.

• Whose Side Are You On? The Cartoon Museum 63 Wells St, London, W1A 3AE | Web: cartoonmuseum.org |

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