Winter Soldier Now Available in Marvel Heroes 2015

Marvel Heroes: Winter Soldier


Gazillion has unleashed the deadliest Marvel Comics assassin, Winter Soldier, into Marvel Heroes 2015, available for £12.99/€13.99 from the online store for the game.

Previously known as Captain America’s sidekick during World War Two, Bucky Barnes, Winter Solider is a master of close quarters combat, marksmanship and high power explosives. In addition to wielding a formidable arsenal and trademark cybernetic left arm, Winter Soldier is also a master of espionage, capable of sneaking past enemies unseen to take down high-value targets.


Marvel Heroes: Winter Soldier


Industry legend, David Hayter – best known as the English voice for Solid Snake in the Metal Gear Solid video game series – brings Winter Soldier to life in Marvel Heroes 2015, so players can expect dry banter between Bucky and his fellow heroes as well as brutal commentary on the tortured assassin life he’s left behind.



Marvel Heroes: Winter Soldier

In particular, say Gazillion, Hayter’s delivery of the legendary assassin’s dialogue really resonates when speaking with his best friend and teacher, Captain America as well as fellow assassin, Black Widow.

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