Wizards Keep founder and artist Tim Perkins reveals distance learning comics course plans

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Artist, publisher and writer Tim Perkins – perhaps best known for his ongoing self-published graphic novel project Worlds End, but whose career encompasses work for Marvel UK, 2000AD, Fleetway, Marvel US, DC Comics, Defiant and other companies, has launched an online version of his popular “Creating Comics” workshops.

The course is based on the format of the workshops he has been running for over 18 years in the North of England.

“I’ve been asked for a long while from student artists, if I had a distance learning course similar to the one I run on Wednesday evenings here in the North of England,” Blackburn-based Tim tells downthetubes.

“Well, with all this horrible virus situation, I have had to create an online version of my classes in the interim period, so that my students can carry on, as if nothing was happening,” he continues, “and it’s proving so successful, I am looking at creating a similar course for creating comics for those very people from around the world.”

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If you’ve ever seen Tim in action as events such as Malta Comic Con, you’ll have some idea of how good he is at teaching the comic art, so this could well be something you’ll want to check out.

“This new course would take on the same format as the existing one,” Tim explains, “which uses live videos from me and subject matter for the students to work on in the session in the form of assignments in weekly unites, in real time – three-hour long sessions, which I host on-line.”

If you, or someone you know be interested in this kind of live on-line course, then contact Tim by email via tim@wizards-keep.com (or through his Facebook or Twitter pages), and he’ll give you further details on how to enrol, costs and what the course entails.

This is a paid-for course, paid in advance and follow the existing pattern of a 30-week rolling course, taking place on a different evening to Tim’s existing course, the night of which has yet to be decided on.

“You may have heard this before, but as a comics artist we have to be able to tell a story sequentially. We need to be able to pace a story, showing quiet moments, as well as depicting action,” Tim notes.

“The course will take everything back to the basics, regardless of skill levels and look at subjects, such as shape and form, dynamics, perspective, composition, storytelling, laying out pages, thumbnails/breaking down a story, etc.

“I look forward to hearing back from creators to discuss this new distance learning, on-line course further. In the meantime, keep drawing!”

In addition to this course, Tim has recently been working on water colour illustrations for a new children’s book, working with Joe Mugan, and on the third and fourth volumes of Worlds End, completing writing the script on the latter. He’s also posted a number of free colouring assets for kids on his Facebook page to have fun with during the Pandemic.

Worlds End Volume 2 art by Tim Perkins
Art from Worlds End Volume Two: A Hard Reign’s Gonna Fall

Worlds End Volume Two: A Hard Reign’s Gonna Fall, launched at Malta Comic Con last year, is an all-ages book set on another world called Gaeryth, where a Mathemagician, called Gweldar, his familiar, Geek, a young boy, Ralf and a mysterious girl called Zephol continue to be all that stand before an invading alien horde intent on aqua-forming the otherwise tranquil planet in the far reaches of space.

Are they enough to stop the myriad forces, known as the Aoevill from the depths of outer space and solve the mystery of Worlds End…? Will a little Magik be enough?

Worlds End Volume Two - A Hard Reign's Gojng to Fall Page 16

Tim continues to weave a timeless all-ages storyline in this 88-page full colour graphic novel, fusing fantasy and Sci-Fi into a Science Fusion Epic with a new mythology for a new audience, introduced by David Lloyd and Bruce Zick, with an afterword by Tim himself.

If you’ve ever considered drawing comics, then this is a course that may well be of interest – some of Tim’s pupils have enjoyed working with him so much in the real world, they regularly come back for more tips, every year!

• Tim Perkins is online at www.wizards-keep.com – where you can also discover out more about – and buy – Worlds End, buy his books from him direct, and learn more about his other work | Blog | Facebook | Twitter

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• To ask Tim about his new course, or to simply request higher resolution imagery of Tim’s colouring resources posted on Facebook for kids, email him via tim@wizards-keep.com (or through his Facebook or Twitter pages)

Comic Characters for Colouring on Facebook | Fantasy Forest Colouring Pages

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