Writer James Peaty reveals more about “The Road to the Thirteenth Doctor” on latest Doctor Who: Panel to Panel

The Road To The Thirteenth Doctor - SNIP

Episode 98 of Jeremy Bement‘s excellent podcast Doctor Who: Panel to Panel is live and is well worth a download for its interview with writer James Peaty, who was just announced as the writer of the three-issue series The Road to the Thirteenth Doctor.

James is a writer and director whose credits include 2000AD, Doctor Who, Marvel’s X-Men and DC Comics Supergirl.

James, who’s previously appeared on the show, talks about this project, and his previous Doctor Who stories, revealing the series has been planned as part of the whole relaunch of Doctor Who – on TV as well as in comics – with the arrival of Jodie Whitaker as the new Doctor.

James confirms the series is an integral part of the relaunch, drawing on his experience of writing Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctor tales to deliver both an introduction to them for new readers as well as a mini series that will help build the anticipation for the arrival of the Thirteenth Doctor.

“It’s the best of both worlds,” he says. “You can pick these books up, whether you’ve got pre-knowledge of the ongoing books or not,, they shouldn’t be unfriendly to you being able to jump on board.

“Obviously, we’ve got back up strips in there as well… there’s the added thing of it al building toward the new titles.”

Listen to the podcast for more insights into James direction on this new series – and his work coming up on 2000AD.

Jeremy also reviews of Part One of the latest Doctor Who Magazine story, “The Clockwise War” and the a DWM Seventh Doctor tale from the archives, “Invaders from Gantac”, Alan Grant’s only Doctor Who story.

Plus there’s news, a contest and Jeremy reports on his Q & A with Tenth Doctor artist Giorgia Sposito, who has drawn many stories written by Nick Abadzis.

• Listen to the episode here on Podomatic | or on iTunes

• Follow James Peaty on Twitter @JamesPeaty1575 | Follow Giorgia Sposito on Twitter @giorgiasposito

Older episodes of Doctor Who: Panel to Panel are archived on the Internet Archive

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