Out Now: Aces Weekly, Volume 33, the comics non-paper, no short of quality comics!

It’s here! Aces Weekly Volume 33 has now opened its doors, offering superb-quality, high-talent, low-cost, original cyberspace comics.

The team are still offering the same incredible deal of 20 pages a week for £1 in any currency because they can, and because they want to make people realise that they can, so they can save themselves time and money. Find out how to subscribe after you’ve seen what’s on offer…

In this Volume…

A no-holds-barred contribution to the martial arts action genre from Masimo Rossi and and Giulio Bilisari about a little guy with a huge advantage over his competition, in Armageddon Punch

Aces Weekly 33 - Armageddon Punch by Massimo Rossi and Eduardo Mello

The terrific Carlos Pascoa returns to Aces Weekly with a story about what it can take to escape a desperate situation, in The Deal

Aces Weekly 33 - The Deal by Carlos Pascoa

And, Madison Dane, the one burning ember of cool amongst the chaos of the post-apocalyptic world created by the sharp pen an pencil of Batton Lash, comes back to finalise his deal in The First Gentleman Of The Apocalypse

Aces Weekly 33 - The First Gentleman Of The Apocalypse by Batton Lash

Plus, the work of renowned author, Damon Runyon, is adapted for us by Paul Duncan and Phil Elliott in a story that features a cameo from famous raconteur, Orson Welles, and is called Princess O’Hara

Aces Weekly 33 - Princess O'Hara by Paul Duncan and Phil Elliott

Jok and Rodolfo make more fire and magic with a couple of characters from the well-loved world of famous legend in Merlin And Hector : Excalibur – Chapter 2…

Aces Weeky 33 - Merlin and Hector by Jok and Rodolfo

And two strange inhabitants of a flooded Earth search for something they’re not quite sure of but are very certain is better than what they have, in Katie Cunningham and Heather Fisher‘s Boom! Nowhere

Aces Weekly 33 - Boom! Nowhere by Katie Cunningham and Heather Fisher

Aces Weekly is a non-paper comic art magazine of up to 200 pages that is exclusively designed for tablet, laptop, desktop, and smart tv, and goes directly to subscribers for just £1 per week.

“Freedom from the unnecessary expenditure of print, distribution and retail, means we can publish at a lower cost, charge less for our product than a paper equivalent,,” says publisher David Lloyd, “and give a much greater percentage of income from our sales to our creators than a paper
product of equal content.

“Whenever and wherever you’re connected, we’re at your service at the touch of a button, with original serials, short stories, and heaps of Extras, from the planet’s top talent!”

Contributors thus far include some of the most well-known names in comics creativity, including David Lloyd, John McCrea, Phil Hester, Mark Wheatley, JC Vaughan, Herb Trimpe, James Hudnall, Val Mayerik, David Hitchcock, Dan Christensen, Dave Hine, Henry Flint, Paul Maybury, Shaky Kane, Yishan Li, Marc Hempel, David Leach, Batton Lash, Rachael Smith, Phil Elliott, Fred Fordham, Jeff Anderson, and Dylan Teague.

• Subscribe at www.acesweekly.co.uk for just £1 per week in any currency supported through Paypal to enjoy a weekly trip into great entertainment! And/or buy any of our massive Previous Volumes via our website, or at Comixology for Volumes 1-18

• You can also find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/acesweekly

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