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Here on downthetubes we have been reviewing Cinebook’s English language bandes dessinees titles for some years now, from the mature action adventure of Largo Winch, Lady S and XIII, to the child-friendly fun of Clifton, Papyrus and Yoko Tsuno. You can find a listing of the various Cinebook reviews and other Cinebook blog features here.

Recently, when we can find them, we have started adding You Tube videos of the original French publishers’ trailers for their releases of the various books to our reviews. While all the text and voice overs in these are invariably in French, the artwork shown in them speaks for itself. That said it is good to see that Cinebook themselves have now started a You Tube Channel featuring English language versions of these trailers for their titles which can be found here.

While this venture is in its early days, the two trailers that are currently featured are for the next Blake and Mortimer release The Gondwana Shrine and the first release from the intriguing new series Darwin’s Diaries, The Eye Of The Celts, both of which are due for publication this month.

There are more details of Cinebook releases on their website.

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