“Zoom Rockman’s Jewish Hall of Fame” to great acclaim at London’s JW3

It’s time to enter the unique immersive world of Zoom Rockman’s Jewish Hall of Fame in the first major contemporary art installation at the JW3 in North West London, open now until Sunday 3rd September 2023.

Zoom Rockman’s Jewish Hall of Fame. Photo: Jeff Moore - used with permission
Photo © Jeff Moore

Be amazed, like those who’ve had a sneak peek, as life size cultural icon and celebrity automata, including Sacha Baron Cohen, Dame Maureen Lipman and Amy Whitehouse come to life. Crank the handle and see and hear the moving mechanicals; plus packed walls of cartoon portraits of famous faces!

The offspring of da Vinci and Hogarth, award-winning 22 year-old satirist, editorial cartoonist, puppet maker and animator Zoom Rockman, has invented his new art technique the Zoomascope, its many delights on full display with this irreverent seaside styled silliness.

As we previously reported, the exhibition also see Zoom making his return to comics publishing his 14th issue of The Zoom!, the title humour title that first brought him attention on the indie scene, and from the publishers of BEANO, aged 12.

Zoom Rockman’s Zoom No. 14

With a cheeky “end of the pier” vibe, the new Summer Exhibition curated by comic aficionado and UK Comic Art Award winner, “The Man at the Crossroads”, Paul Gravett, includes such attractions as “Expecto Flossiamus” Zoom giving Daniel Radcliffe the candyfloss stall to run “as it means he can hold and move the stick in exactly the same stance as he holds his wand in the Harry Potter films,” the ace Private Eye-published cartoonist says.

Zoom Rockman’s Jewish Hall of Fame. Photo: Jeff Moore - used with permission
Photo © Jeff Moore

Other attractions include Coronation Street’s Dame Maureen Lipman with her crystal ball, seeing into the future; BAFTA award-winning Claudia Winkleman in her fringe benefits store; Nigella Lawson, cooking up hot dogs; Stephen Fry, in a fossil frenzy; Sacha Baron Cohen, parting the Red Sea as Moses; and David Baddiel, ball juggling!

Plus, get fired from Lord Sugar’s Beigel Shop, or score a goal with Alex Scott, wearing her One Love armband. And, perhaps the standout attraction for many – sing with the late, great, Amy Winehouse! (Choose a button and watch Amy perform “Valerie”, “Rehab”, or “Back to Black”, the vocals gifted by her family).

Along with many celebrities voicing their own kinetic sculptures! check out other famous faces, too, from Timothée Chalamet to Ukranian president Volodymyr Zelensky via Bryan Cranston, Miriam Margolyes and Marilyn Monroe.

“I couldn’t not put Zelensky in my Jewish Hall of Fame as he’s such a prominent figure in this moment in world history,” says Zoom.

Zoom Rockman’s Jewish Hall of Fame. Photo: Jeff Moore - used with permission
Photo © Jeff Moore

Zoom Rockman’s Jewish Hall of Fame summer fun perfectly complements the free real sandy Beach at JW3, open throughout the summer (from July). With deck chairs aplenty – bring your bucket and spade and make JW3 your summer destination! The delicious Baladyt vegetarian restaurant and café – serves the best falafels in town and ice cream aplenty! 

So book your tickets for Zoom Rockman’s Jewish Hall of Fame – and check out what else is on in JW3’s state of the art cinema and theatre for a great day out!

“While this show focuses on British Jewish celebrities, the focus is as much on the British as it is on the Jewish so that a Gentile like me got just as much out if the experience,” enthuses Rich Johnston, over on Bleeding Cool. “…What excited me most about this show, is that this can be a communal activity. Rather than walking around an art show, you can attend with friends and make the whole event entertaining in its own right. Can your handle-turning match the voice movements to the audio? Who can puppet Amy Winehouse the best (to a choice of songs)? It brings all the fun of the fair to an art exhibition.”

“An enjoyably satirical and endearing show, Jewish Hall of Fame combines Rockman’s undeniable chops as a cartoonist and comedian with the real technical skill needed to create the automatons,” says Issy Flower over on The Reviews Hub, ” a very British humour style, and a loving tribute to Jewish cultural icons.”

Zoom Rockman’s Jewish Hall of Fame. Photo: Jeff Moore - used with permission
Zoom Rockman and automata friend. Photo © Jeff Moore

Zoom Rockman (his real name), became the youngest-ever contributor to The Beano (aged 12), Private Eye Magazine (at 16), The Sunday Times(“Zoom’s Week”, at 21), and named by the Evening Standard as one of the Most Influential Londoners under 25. 

Zoom graduated in 2022 with a first class degree in Graphic Design from Central Saint Martins – and Zoom Rockman’s Jewish Hall of Fame is his first major public show.

This is JW3’s first immersive and interactive exhibition, with timed ticket entry allowing only 20 visitors per session – so everyone can enjoy the artwork and unique installations. And even hand crank and work the brilliant automata.

Zoom Rockman’s Jewish Hall of Fame. Photo: Jeff Moore - used with permission
Zoom puts the finishing touches to his Claudia Winkelman automata. Photo © Jeff Moore

“I always start with paper and ink as I love the resistance of paper,” says Zoom., “But I’ve always wanted my drawings to move. Animation takes so long to create, but pushing puppets in real time was fast. My puppet making technique is now a precise combination of illustrations and mechanics, and I’ve invented a programmable machine called the Zoomascope.

“The machine does the job of puppeteering for me when I’m not there, so the audience can turn the handle and the drawings come to life in front of them.

“Part of my motivation in making it was thinking about how we might entertain ourselves after the apocalypse! The Zoomascope, is Pre-Cinema Technology in the 21st century!”

• Zoom Rockman’s Jewish Hall of Fame
Tuesday 23rd May – Sunday 3rd September 2023
JW3, 341-345 Finchley Road, London NW3 6ET
Box Office: jw3.org.uk/zoom | Entry ticket price: £6 per person (concessions £3 per ticket) – Children under four go free | Please note: 20 capacity, in 30 minute slots

Monday – Wednesday: 10.30am – last entry 9.00pm | Thursday & Sunday: 10.30am – last entry 10.00pm | Closed Friday & Saturday | Thursday 25th May: last entry 2.00pm | Monday 1st May & Friday 26 May: closed | VIP Gala Night: Monday 5th June 2023

Zoom Rockman is online at zoomrockman.com | Twitter

• Zoom Rockman’s signed illustration of King Charles in his pants, to celebrate the launch of Nicholas Allan’s children’s book The Kings Pants, with all proceeds going to The Trussell Trust and the DEC Turkey/Syria Earthquake Appeal, is available to bid on (along with artworks by many others) until 31st May at jumblebee.co.uk/thekingspantsauction 

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