20 years of cartoon craziness celebrated

Alien on the rampage in the latest Really Heavy GreatcoatAngry aliens, terrified police and bemused party goers. Yes, it’s the 20th Anniversary Really Heavy Greatcoat – three pages of mothball-inspired mayhem!

Artist Nick Miller has pulled out all the stops to mark this momentous date for the strip and a big hand for all his work and perseverance putting up with my grumpiness. I’m amazed his writing partner Antonella lets me in the house.

Oh, wait, she doesn’t let me in the house.

I never should have tried to paint the cat.

Enjoy, and thanks to all Greatcoat fans down the years for your tremendous support and loyalty.

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  1. Happy birthday to the RHG. To celebrate this momentous occassion I have been shuffling round the streets of Edinburgh in my own second hand greatcoat, pretending to talk to it and thus frightening little old ladies.

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