2000AD readers get chance to probe Tharg the Mighty*

Tharg during his first few years on Earth, explaining to a magazine editor that computers work better worn on your wrist.

Tharg during his first few years on Earth, explaining to a magazine editor that computers work better worn on your wrist.

With tomorrow seeing the release of 2000AD’s special Prog 1900, two of the legendary weekly anthology’s biggest creators are joining the alien editor of 2000 AD, Tharg the Mighty, for a very special ‘Ask Me Anything’ on Reddit’s comics forum.

On Wednesday 24th September  from 1.00pm GMT (8.00am EST), Dan Abnett, Ian Edginton, and the green-skinned alien being known only as Tharg will be taking questions from Earthlets to mark the publication of Prog 1900, the perfect jumping on point for new readers.

“This is a rare opportunity to grill the editor of the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic about the line-up for this special issue and his plans for future Thrills!” said a 2000AD Press Droid.

“Abnett is known not only for creating Sinister Dexter and Kingdom for 2000 AD but also for having his reinvention of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy turned into the summer’s biggest movie. Edginton is the New York Times bestselling writer behind Hinterkind and Leviathan.

“Tharg the Mighty is originally from Quaxxann in the Betelgeuse system,” the Press Droid continued ecstatically, the unmistakeable grinding noises of metal being, well, crumpled by some kind of machinery behind him. “He landed in the UK in 1977 and established 2000AD as the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic to bring Thrill-power to the people of Earth, and combat Thrill Suckers everywhere.

“His teams of creative robots, called Droids, put together every issue of 2000AD from the Nerve Centre, deep in the heart of Oxfordshire.”

2000AD-1900The Press Droid categorically denied Tharg the Mighty was in any way related to another alien known as “Doomlord”.

As we reported earlier today2000AD Prog 1900 features three brand new strips and is the perfect issue for new readers looking to start collecting 2000AD.

• The Reddit comics forum can be found here: www.reddit.com/r/comicbooks/

 • 2000AD Prog 1900 will be available from all good stockists on Wednesday 24th September, as well as worldwide DRM-free digital from the 2000AD webshop and through the 2000 AD iPad app: www.2000ADonline.com

• Any attempt to physically probe Tharg might result in the offender being thrown to Mek-Quake

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