A Blast from the Past: Journey back in time to Doctor Who Magazine, 1989…


A blast from the past! Back in 1989, Reeltime Pictures (now Time Travel TV​), best known for interviewing Doctor Who actors, writers and producers, took the bizarre step of interviewing me (and others) on how Doctor Who Magazine​ was put together.

This X-Rated documentary, produced by Nicholas “Voice of the Daleks” Briggs​, is now available to buy as either DVD or OnDemand – and of course, jolly good it is too.

MYth Makers: Doctor Who Magazine Volume 1 - 1989 - Promo

How could it not be, without a guest, very brief appearance by John Levene (Sergeant Benton) as a devilishly gorgeous secretary? You’ll be staggered by just how untidy the Marvel UK offices were (well, mine, anyway). You’ll laugh ay the antiquated computer used to create your favourite TV SF magazine back then.

You’ll even chuckle at, perhaps, sight of the lovingly prepared file in shot labelled Power of the Daleks to wind up fans (possibly, I know I put them on my desk, no idea if they can be seen to be honest – I was young, it was foolish, I’m sorry…).

Also featured: the gorgeous comic artists Lee Sullivan​ and John Ridgway​! The loveable scamp, then  a humble contributor to the Magazine, later editor, and script editor of TV’s Sarah Jane Adventures, Gary Russell​!

Oh, all right, it isn’t X-Rated, but it is a shocker to see how thin I was back then! Be warned – Tom Spilsbury​ I’m not…

If you simply can’t stand the idea of foolish comic creators on your TellyBox or digital device, then there are plenty of other delights to enjoy, including interviews with the likes of actors Tom Baker, Anthony Ainley, Caroline John and Janet Fielding, production staff Barry Letts and Terrance Dicks, Christopher H. Bidmead, author and script writer Stephen Gallagher… and more besides.

Check out Myth Makers: Doctor Who Magazine Volume One on Time Travel TV

Or Jump straight to Vimeo to buy the streaming version of this cinematic masterpiece!

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