Crucible: A Brief Guide to Pomorele

Crucible: Pomorele Harbour

Taken from The Walking Guide to Shoorec by Ewek Venzlor

For the last 50 years Pomorele has  prided itself as ‘The Fishfree Sea’ and their Seacatchers pride themseelves on bringing back to the harbour a wide variety of ‘Hingies’, ‘Nippies’ and ‘Crackies’, a decent choice of ‘Shellies’ and always a choice of the colourful ‘Sea Jellies’ which are bought by the poorer customers.

No visit to Pomorele is complete without trying the traditional ‘Fried Nippie Stew’, traditionally soaked in a strong Sharpoil Sauce. Anyone who’se ever tried it is still talking about it years later.

Nonetheless, the symbol for the market remains, The Fish. The fish is a sign of hope.

Surrounded by an impressive  defensive wall, Pomorele is one of three city states on the west coast of the Shoorec, a large continent of Shaarn. It’s situated on the coast, but is partially separated from the mainland by a large water-filled gorge, the result of action some nine hundred years ago during the war to overthrow the Chrell Gestalt. Narrow streets abound, off from its major arteries. Dominant buildings include the Liege Lord Saranovar’s fortress and the Quest Office.

(Tickets available from the offices listed in the back of this guide)


Map of Pomorele

The city has a number of orchards and gardens, originally created to grow food in case of siege but still used. Visitors are advised to only enter the gardens when accompanied by a reliable bodyguard.

Plans are now in hand to redevelop the Northern Gardens for a new Temple of Culture which is hoped to be open to the public on Festival Days (Tickets, prices and times TBA).

Pomorele is not the main city state of Shoorec, although it often vies for the position with Stele, the major western power to the North. It has a strong navy but competition between Pomorele and Stele is largely friendly, with annual boating challenges and races.

The city is dependent on fishing and trade with the rest of Shaarn for income, and has its own Quest Office. The Tanners also have a substantial operation here.

Be sure to visit Hrandkinds House of Skin (The Esplanade) on your visit to pick out YOUR all-weather clothing souuvenirs of your visit.

Beyond the city are several factories, including the local skin tanners, co-operatively owned by the powerful Tanners Union, who fiercely protect their production secrets and assign guards to ‘protect’ travellers through their territory (and make sure thy don’t steal any industrial secrets).

The city logo is based on the Quest Master’s masks, a reflection of their power and influence.

 Pomorele CrestThings to Look Out For

• Bits of the older town (old gate posts, columns, bits of old building re-used for other things. Some may surprise you

• Graffiti – Political, abusive, sexual, love messages, pictorial.

• Stalls outside shops – be warned that the space allowed is fiercely regulated and shopkeepers have been known to come to blows if another’s stalls encroach on their ‘space’. Many have markings outside their shop clearly indicating the limits, assesses annually by the Liege Lord’s civil servants. Do not bring paint into the market area on pain of loss of a finger. Paint is only allowed to be carried by the Leige Lords Civil Marksfellows.

• Guardsmen. Do not upset them. Sketching of Guardsmen without Official permission is forbidden.

• Shops: In addition to sea produce, Pomorele is famed for its tanned and inlaid wood goods. Some mechanical devices are also offered, including clocks, although these are rare and expensive. Things made from fish and large sea mammals are often sought after by visitors. Why not take the kiddies to visit Pomorele’s famous House of Scrimshaw on Hook Lane?

• Mechanicals (steam driven vehicles are occasionally seen)

• Travelling Chairs: watch out for the great and the good (but more especially, their bodyguards). Listen out for the ‘Wayclear’ bells which announce their approach and try to get a good view of the colourful robes and masks of these renowned officials.

• You may also be interested in the city’s many ale houses (although we suggest you avoid “The Hopeless Task”, frequented by both successful and itenrant taskers. Listen to the tales for which Pomoreles people are so renowned with an open mind and a shut mouth. Do not attempt to buy a round. These things rarely end well.

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