A feast of 2000AD goodies this week – and a Free Comic Book Day special on its way, too!

2000AD Prog 2029 - Cover

Run, do not walk, to your nearest purveyor of Thrills and pick up 2000AD Prog 2029 – the latest edition of the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic!

There’s a lot of other great titles out from Rebellion this week, too, but here’s what’s in this week’s Prog to start:

2000AD Prog 2029 - Judge Dredd: Harvey Part One
Judge Dredd: Harvey by John Wagner (Writer) John McCrea (Artist) Mike Spicer (Colourist) Annie Parkhouse (Letterer)

2000AD Prog 2029 - Defoe
Defoe: Diehards by Pat Mills (Writer) Colin MacNeil (Artist) Ellie De Ville (Letterer)

2000AD Prog 2029 - Brink Part 7
Brink: Skeleton Life by Dan Abnett (Writer) INJ Culbard (Artist) Simon Bowland (Letterer)

2000AD Prog 2029 - Scarket Traces
Scarlet Traces: Cold War – Book 2 by Ian Edginton (Writer) D’Israeli (Artist) Annie Parkhouse (Letterer)

2000AD 2029 - Cursed: The Fall of Deadworld
Cursed: The Fall of Deadworld by Kek-W (Writer) Dave Kendall (Artist) Annie Parkhouse (Letterer)

2000AD Prog 2029 is available from UK newsagents and all good comic book stores via Diamond – and digitally from the 2000AD webshop, 2000AD iPad app, 2000AD Android app and 2000AD Windows 10 app

2000AD 2029 - Cursed: The Fall of Deadworld Cover Art
Oh – and you can see the making of Dave Kendall‘s amazing Judge Fear Cursed Cover for this Prog over on the 2000AD web site.

New 2000AD Collections

Summer Magic: The Complete Luke Kirby Journal

Also out this week is the wonderful Summer Magic: The Journal of Luke Kirby and Slaine: The Brutania Chronicles Volume Three – Psychopomp.

Summer Magic: The Journal of Luke Kirby is a wonderful tale, written by Alan McKenzie, with art by John Ridgway, Graham Higgins, Steve Parkhouse and Nick Abadzis, coloured by Tim Perkins and Gina Hart – and lettered by Steve Parkhouse, Annie Parkhouse, Steve Potter, Gary Gilbert and Ellie De Ville.

Trumping Harry Potter to the ‘young boy wizard’ trope by a number of years The Journal of Luke Kirby is the story of a young British boy who becomes a powerful wizard. Cider With Rosie meets Harry Potter via John Wyndham and Alan Garner,

This is a positively enthralling coming-of-age story about power, magic, and family, set in an enchanted rural England. Sent to stay with his Uncle Elias in the countryside in 1962, Luke discovers he has the potential to be the greatest alchemist of all – but at what price?

Never reprinted before, the Luke Kirby adventures are considered a lost gem from the second wave of 2000AD; the idyllic setting undercut by the new world of magical danger Luke discovers hiding under the surface in a coming-of-age tale that deals with burgeoning maturity, fear, loss, grief, and the ending of innocence.

You can buy Summer Magic from amazon.co.uk (using this link helps support downthetubes)

Slaine: The Brutania Chronicles Volume Three - Psychopomp.

Pat Mills (Writer) Simon Davis (Artist) and Ellie De Ville (Letterer) are the team behind the jaw-dropping Slaine: The Brutania Chronicles Volume Three – Psychopomp.

Revenge of the Cyth! Albion, in a time of legend. Celtic warrior Sláine united the tribes of the Earth Goddess Danu and became the first High King of Ireland, before returning to being a wanderer. Now, having journeyed to the Isle of Monadh to rescue Sinead from the Drune Lords, he’s discovered that they have been experimenting on their own creations, including the brutal, superhuman Primordial, whom Sláine has just learnt is his old friend Gort.

The fully-painted epic story of the UK’s bestselling Celtic barbarian continue!

• Buy Slaine: The Brutania Chronicles Volume Three – Psychopomp from amazon.co.uk (using this link helps support downthetubes)

2000AD on Free Comic Book Day

Don’t forget this Saturday, 6th May, is Free Comic Book Day in almost every comic shop across the globe… and of course 2000AD is involved!

Find your nearest FCBD venue freecomicbookday.com/storelocator and pick up the 2000AD special edition, which includes these goodies…

2000AD Free Comic Book Day 2017 - Cover
2000AD Free Comic Book Day 2017 - Judge Dredd
2000AD Free Comic Book Day 2017 - Blackblood2000AD Free Comic Book Day 2017 - Judge Anderson

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