A Gaffe of Media

Over on socksandbarney.com, top artist Steve Conley recently delivered a telling blow on the US mainstream media with a fun cartoon, just one of his very funny “Socks and Barney” strips he’s been keeping far too quiet about, in my opinion.

Folk reading downthetubes may recognise Steve as the artist behind the brilliant Astounding Space Thrills, one of the best SF web comics ever, which he tells me is about to be collected.

Steve’s other cartooning work includes drawing Michael Chabon’s Escapist and, most recently, Star Trek: Year Four for IDW. In order to draw Kirk and Spock, Steve had to get approval from William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy. Steve is, he tells us, Shatner-approved.

Read Steve’s “Gaffe of Media” Strip | • digg story

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