A New Comic Con Comes To Glenrothes In June

Saturday 10 June 2017 will see the inaugural Glenrothes Comic Con launch at Rothes Halls at the western end of the Scottish town’s large Kingdom Shopping Centre. Running from 9:30am to 5:00pm the one day event is a true comics “comic con” with announced guests already including artists Mike Collins and Gary Erskine, with Gary acting as the event’s Creative Director.

Currently being promoted on social media with the slogan “The Red Capes are coming! The Red Capes are coming!”, Glenrothes Comic Con will feature comics, film and games, cosplay, workshops and panels, established creators and local talent, and various vendors. Even Glenrothes’ outdoor dinosaur statue is getting in on the red capes act.

With all the usual shops and eateries you would expect of a large shopping centre, all under the same roof as the Rothes Halls themselves, plus large numbers of free car parking spaces and a bus station actually at the shopping centre, this seems like a well thought out location for a family orientated comic convention. Indeed artist Neil Slorance and writer Colin Bell, co-creators of the all ages comic Dungeon Fun, are already confirmed as guests for the event and more guests are expected to be announced soon.

However perhaps the greatest draw for families will be the entrance fee, as tickets will only cost £1 per person. These will be available on the door and are also available to pre-order from the OnFife website.

The event still has table spaces available and is inviting table applications from exhibitors and vendors with the 6x2ft tables and two chairs priced at £45 for exhibitors/small press and £75 for vendors. Tables will be curated and the application window is open until Monday 3 April 2017. Table application requests should be e-mailed to glenrothescomicconATonfife.com

There are more details of the Glenrothes Comic Con at the OnFife website and the event’s Facebook page while tickets can be purchased on-line here.

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