Aces Weekly sees debut of “Older Than the Hills”, return of Humph the Cat and Psycho Gran!

"Older Than the Hills"  by Martin Hayes and Chris Askham

“Older Than the Hills” by Martin Hayes and Chris Askham, debuts today in Aces Weekly Volume 18

Older Than the Hills”, the new graphic serial by Martin Hayes and Chris Askham launches as part of Volume 18 of David Lloyd’s digital magazine Aces Weekly today (7th September).

High summer. The rolling English countryside. The birds and the butterflies and the blood.

Brian and Rebecca, two archaeologists down from the university for a once in a lifetime opportunity – the chance to excavate an untouched Neolithic burial mound.

A story about desire, and history, and the creeping influence of ancient, unseen forces…

Older Than the Hills” will run for seven weeks,  and is the work of the same creative team that launched the World War Two/horror graphic novel Abominable Glory at London Super Comic Con last March, published by Markosia.

Written by Martin Hayes, whose previous projects include the graphic novels Project Luna: 1947 and Aleister Crowley: Wandering the Waste, the strip is drawn by Chris Askham, who has illustrated for Siti’s Sisters, Zarjaz, and DogBreath, the strip is lettered by Bram Meehan.

“I’m very happy to be working with the old Abominable Glory team again [who are ]doing a superb job, as always,” says Martin.

"Humph the Cat" by Mychailo Kazybrid and Jesus Barony

“Humph the Cat” by Mychailo Kazybrid and Jesus Barony

Seven weeks of Aces Weekly totalling up to 210 pages with Extras (including character sketches, layouts, scripts and background info), costs just £6.99 – $9.99 – €7.99. The figital-only comic appears every week in seven-week volumes with two-week breaks between volumes.

"Last Thursday" by Emma Chinnery

“Last Thursday” by Emma Chinnery

Published by David Lloyd, co-creator of V For Vendetta and whose work includes strips such as Espers and his own graphic novel, Kickback, Volume 18 also features “Humph the Cat” by Mychailo Kazybrid and Jesus Barony (another helping of painful puns on a far-distant planet; and “Last Thursday” by Emma Chinnery (a topical tale of a future formed of fear and fanaticism in the thought-provoking and remarkably rendered).

“Scouring the internet during the obligitory brain downtime, I came across the fake religion – Last Thursdayism. So inspired was I by people who create a fake religions in their spare time, that I felt compelled to write a story… Last Thursdayism isn’t a fake religion, it’s real. And you’d better believe it.”

"Not Dead, Only Dreaming" by Keith Kopnicki and Fred Fordham

“Not Dead, Only Dreaming” by Keith Kopnicki and Fred Fordham

 Doctor Queer, in... "Pigeons From Hull" by Bambos Georgiou and Mychailo Kazybrid

Doctor Queer, in… “Pigeons From Hull” by Bambos Georgiou and Mychailo Kazybrid

The new volume also features “Not Dead, Only Dreaming” by Keith Kopnicki and artist Fred Fordham – who debuted spectacularly in Aces Weekly Volume 11 – delivering a short story about a retired professional reflecting on an eventful past; and the mad monster-hunters are back in another tale from the casebook of Bambos Georgiou and Mychailo Kazybrid’s, Doctor Queer, in… “Pigeons From Hull”.

"Requiem" by Jorge Mongiovi

“Requiem” by Jorge Mongiovi

But that’s not all because there’s also Jorge Mongiovi‘s “Requiem”, where, in the depths of intergalactic space, Tom and his friends continue their search for salvation as a new threat appears to menace them; plus – in a deadly double-dose – the welcome, rousing, roaring, return of David Leach‘s, fearsome and fantastic “Psycho Gran”… and more from the world of swords and sorcery created by Jok and Santullo, where magic and monsters are just good for a laugh, in “Dungeons And Burglars”, Chapter Ten…

The exclusively onscreen Aces Weekly is tailored to tablet, laptop, desktop – and your smart tv – and is ready to view at the touch of a button, whenever and wherever you’re connected!

Aces Weekly Volume 18 launches 7th September 2015. Subscribe at 

"Dungeons And Burglars" by Jok and Santullo

“Dungeons And Burglars” by Jok and Santullo

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