Al Davison signs aboard for Blood and Light

Renegade Entertainment has announced Al (The Spiral Cage, Doctor Who) Davison will draw Blood and Light, a new project from the publisher run by Alan Grant, Alexander Finbow and Doug Bradley.

Blood and Light is a story I’m very passionate about, and to see its world and characters come to life is fantastic,” says  Alexander Finbow. “After a long search for the right artist, we decided on the extremely talented Al Davison to bring this story to the page.

“Al was finishing up a one shot issue of the Unwritten for Vertigo when we signed him up, so he was able to get stuck straight into Blood Light. His character designs are beautiful works of art in themselves and I am really thrilled to collaborate on the graphic novel adaptation with him.”

Blood and Light centres on Lawrence Bowman, a captain in Oliver Cromwell’s army during the English civil war. The story picks up as Cromwell’s forces begin their bloody campaign in Ireland against the Royalist and catholic forces with the siege of Drogheda. Bowman leads his men to successfully capture the city but his allegiances and loyalties are thrown into doubt by Cromwell’s orders to show no mercy to any within the walls.

Realising that his trusted captain is troubled, Cromwell chooses him to lead the investigation into some brutal murders that have brought terror to the Irish countryside. Bowman finds himself thrust into a race against time to uncover the murderer before he strikes again.

Renegade’s projects featuring other British creators include Channel Evil by Alan Grant and Shane Oakley, and Sand, featuring art originally by the late, great John Hicklenton.

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• Al’s official site is The Astral Gypsy

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