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(via the Forbidden Planet International blog): Comics artist Al Davison, perhaps best known for his critically-acclaimed graphic novel The Spiral Cage (incredibly, the Active Images edition is not available through, is busy with a new project about Dwarfism.

“I have been commissioned by Nowgen/Manchester University to produce a graphic novel about Dwarfism,” he reveals on his blog, where several pages of the new story, Alisa’s Tale, are previewed, and more will follow as they are completed. “I, along with actress and Psychologist Amy Silver ran a couple of drama workshops with a group of young people with dwarfism, and some average of height, they also kept diaries between the sessions.

“I then went over the results with Amy, and I wrote a treatment for the book. I created a character that started off isolated, having not met any other Dwarfs, her mother, also a dwarf, died when she was young, and her Father is average height, she is fifteen. We follow her journey to becoming self sufficient and discovering that she isn’t alone. Her story is paralleled by a children’s book her father is producing that, initially, reflects his inability to understand what his daughter is experiencing.

“… The book addresses issues such as access, prejudice, even the use of the word dwarf, amongst other things.”

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