Tennant and Tate’s tet-a-tet

(via the official BBC Doctor Who site): Catherine Tate is to interview David Tennant in the first of a new series of BBC Radio 4’s Chain Reaction.

The lighthearted show’s format is a form of ‘interview tag’, with each edition’s interviewee going on to quiz a new guest the week after. Next week, David will be chatting with Richard Wilson, who played Doctor Constantine in the Doctor Who stories The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances.

Wilson, in turn, will interview one-time Big Finish audio Doctor Arabella Weir in the the third show.

Chain Reaction is recorded in front of an audience and the interviews focused on the life, career and the passions of the interviewee but often prove to be as revealing about the interviewer.

Chain Reaction can be heard at 6.30pm on Thursday 21 February on BBC Radio 4. It will also be available via Listen Again for a further seven days.

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