Alan Class comic rarity comes to auction

Brighton and Hove Auctions has an unusual item for sale at auction later this month – a copy of Sinister Tales No.78, published by Alan Class Comics – and the lead plates used to print it.

Sinister Tales No.78, published by Alan Class Comics - and plates

Alan Class Comics, owned by Alan Class, was a British comics publishing company that operated between 1959 and 1989. The Company produced a variety of anthology titles, reprinting comics stories from many US publishers of the 194’s to 1960s in a black and white digest format, the various series numbered but without cover dates, presumably a canny ploy to lengthen their presence on the news stand.

  • Sinister Tales No. 78 (Alan Class Comics)
  • Sinister Tales No. 78 (Alan Class Comics) - Plates
  • Sinister Tales No. 78 (Alan Class Comics) - Plates

Sinister Tales, published between January 1964 and January 1989, was one of Alan Class’ many titles reprinting American comics for the British market, and one of their most enduring, running for a total of 227 issues.

Alan Class originally chose 30th Century Comics to be the official outlet for both the file copies of his own publications from his archives and his Printing Plate Sets, and the item on offer is, presumably one of these. You can find all the 30th Century Comics listings for items they still hold here. Each comic sold by the retailer from the Alan Class Private Collection comes with a certificate of authenticity, signed by Alan himself.

30th Century Comics detail their Alan Class Printing Plate Sets
An interview with the legendary Alan Class

As with most Alan Class titles, there was little pattern to what stories were reprinted, and it was common for characters from one company to appear one issue, and characters from an entirely different company to appear the next.

Other than the issue’s lead story, “The Menace of the Radiation Rogue!” a Phantom story first published in 1964 by Archie Comics, we don’t know what else this edition includes. But if the buyer wants to tell us, we’ll happily add those details!

Sinister Tales #78, with printer’s plates, is part of a larger auction running 20th – 21st July 2023, catalogue and bidding through The-Saleroom here.

Also in the auction are items such as a lot of Marvel UK and independent British comics and fanzines, including Dracula Lives, a 1970s Corgi Magic Roundabout set, which often sell for large amounts, Beatles memorabilia, LPs, vintage toy cars, and more.

The direct link to the item is here

Alan Class Comics on Wikipedia

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