Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins’ launch Kickstarter to complete “Jimmy’s End” film series

Mitch Jenkins and Alan Moore. Photo: Lex Projects

Mitch Jenkins and Alan Moore. Photo: Lex Projects

Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins have launched a Kickstarter campaign to make the final part of their Jimmy’s End film project.

The pair have already produced four short films in the series and are now looking for funds to complete the final part of the film cycle.

In the promotional video, Alan also mentions they have an eye to eventually turning it into a full length film.Written by Alan, directed by Mitch, His Heavy Heart is the final film in the Jimmy’s End cycle of shorts making a full DVD from Lex Projects.

The Jimmy’s End saga is made up of five shorts. Rather like a comic book series, each film in the cycle contributes to the overall story, as well as having a clear, standalone narrative and purpose.

His Heavy Heart is described as the piece de resistance of the five part cycle. “Really, it’s the icing on the cake,” say the team in their Kickstarter project notes. “It seeks to provide some closure to our troubled leading man Jimmy, which frankly, I think we could all do with. At the moment, he is trapped in the unsettling and deeply sinister limbo of the Working Men’s Club. Neither present by choice, or given the means to abscond his surreal situation, he hurtles towards his inevitable descent into the next stage of his story.

“It’s the final piece in the Jimmy’s End series of shorts that are the foundations of a planned full length feature film – The Show. This feature will eventually expand on the world created in this five part cycle.”

Money pledged from fans for this project will go towards the creation of His Heavy Heart as well as the production of all the amazing and exclusive rewards available on Kickstarter. Any additional funds raised during the Kickstarter process will go into further development of the existing series and towards the forthcoming feature film.

“Squirrels and Hitchcock issues aside (come on, you’ve watched the pledge video, right?!) we have the story in our heads and on paper,” say the team, “and we need you to come on board and help us finish the final chapter in this epic journey into an unknown world.”

Why did Alan and Mitch choose to use Kickstarter to fund this project? “Well, it’s pretty simple really. We want to make the film that is in our heads and the draft that’s on the paper. It’s difficult to fund short films in the traditional manner, especially something like the Jimmy’s End cycle which is comprised of different lengths and varying subject matter.

“We want to stay true to the original vision and produce a film that is as close as feasibly possible to Alan’s screenplay and Mitch’s directorial vision. Kickstarter is a unique opportunity to create our vision with the help of our fans. We are committed to developing our independent projects and want to work with our fans to realise our ambitions.”

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