Digital Dandy 12 – On Sale Now

Digital Dandy Issue 12The latest Digital Dandy (Issue 12) is available now –  stuffed full of Daft, Dramatic and Different comic strips.

This issue features Bananaman and Appleman in a spectacular duel of fruity fencing, as well as nostril-numbing terror in Hyde and Shriek, where Mr Shriek’s advice is not to be sniffed at.

Ness encounters some new – and some not-so-new – faces in Retro-Active, Blinky‘s in the market for more mix-ups, and Harry and his Hippo have an unexpected – and unwelcome – visitor.

Meanwhile, in an explosive storyline, Desperate Dan swaps Aunt Aggie’s cow for some special beans, and what happens next will blow you away!

• Digital Dandy 12, available now on the Dandy App and at

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