An Unabashed Plug! Beano in the Spotlight!

We’re definitely overdue a bit of attention for the BEANO here on downthetubes, so let’s make up for that with some Plugs (pun intended!) for this week’s edition – and the upcoming Christmas Special, on sale soon!

First, here’s an advance look at this week’s cover, on sale this Wednesday, featuring the Bash Street Kids Danny and Plug, drawn by Nigel Parkinson

All the usual suspects feature inside – the Bash Street Kids, Dennis and Gnasher, Minnie the Minx and many more, both well established characters and strips and some new, such as “Ellis’s Great Escapes”, written and drawn by Lew Stringer.

But a new BEANO isn’t the only humour-filled delight to look out for in your local newsagents, because this year’s Christmas Special 2020 should be in the shops very soon!

(Yes, yes, I know it’s only September, but some like to spread the cost of filling those stockings).

Packed with 68 pages of festive treats – comic strips, jokes, pranks, puzzles and fun things to do, the Beano Christmas Special 2020 is, we’re told, surely enough to keep the most demanding menaces and minxes busy right into the New Year!

This Softback Special is an extra Christmas treat for BEANO fans, of course – the Beano Annual 2021 is also on sale from all good book shops, AmazonUK, WH Smith stores and selected supermarkets.

(Look out for the Dandy Annual, The Broons & Oor Wullie Gift Book and Jacqueline Wilson, too, also from DC Thomson).

Inside the 112-page hardback annual, Dennis celebrates his 70th anniversary, and faces monsters from Greek myths in order to prove he’s history’s greatest menace, joined by legends such as Minnie the Minx, The Bash Street Kids and many more!

If you want an edition of the Annual that’s just a little special for the BEANO fan in your family, you can buy a personalised edition of the 2021 edition here direct from DC Thomson.

The longest-running British weekly comic may have taken some knocks this year thanks to retail shutdowns, but the BEANO team have certainly rolled with the punches, pulled out all the stops and continue to deliver cover to cover fun every week. Thank you, and all power to you!

Beano No. 4054 is on sale in newsagents and supermarkets on Wednesday 23rd September, price £2.75 – and you can also subscribe here

Do note it takes a few weeks to process new subscribers. If you subscribed today, for example, your first Issue would be the issue cover dated 10th October 2020, delivered to your door by 7th October

If you can’t find Beano Christmas Special 2020 in the shops you can order it directly from DC Thomson here

The 2021 Beano Annual is available here from AmazonUK (Affiliate Link) | Check out all this year’s Annuals here on AmazonUK, including CBeebies, Dandy, Rupert the Bear and more

• Order a personalised Beano Annual here direct from DC Thomson – and you can order a personalised Beano annual for the year of your birth here, too – providing you were born from 1940 onwards, of course!

With thanks to Lew Stringer

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