Are David Hailwood’s Reality Rangers set to reign over Jubilee weekend?

Fancy reading a kid’s book crammed with Punk Rock Zombies, Cyborg Corgis, and an insane cybernetic Queen on the rampage? Well, good news…

To show fealty to the ageing tiara granny, the comedy fantasy Reality Rangers – Wrath Of The Cyber Queen is currently free on Kindle in all countries.

Creator David Hailwood – perhaps best known to downthetubes readers as a comics writer and publisher of the digital anthology comic, 100% Biodegradable – has also temporarily reduced the price of the paperback version to just £3.99/$5.99.

In Reality Rangers – Wrath Of The Cyber Queen, the cyber Queen’s gone on a rampage, Farmer Rumbleclump has been abducted by aliens, and punk rock zombie Rotting Johnny has been accidentally brainwashed by a parrot.

Time to call the Reality Rangers!

Tasked with defending England’s fair shores from the supernatural, the uncanny, and the down right creepy, this trio of plucky nine year old children might have bitten off more than they can chew in a laugh-out-loud adventure that will pit them against quiche loving aliens, deadly robotic Borgis, music obsessed zombies and more.

Featuring Arthur Crickhollow (the brains), Maisy Halfbrick (the brawn), and Gary Rumbleclump (the belly).

Published by David under his Biomekazoik Press banner, Wrath Of The Cyber Queen is a fully illustrated self-contained comedy fantasy adventure, that’s sure to appeal to fans of David Walliams, Roald Dahl and Pamela Butchart.

Here’s the links to this comedy fantasy for 7-9 year olds which David wrote and drew “with my own fair feet”, he tells us. While you’re there, why not check out his other books, such as Life Subtracted (pitched as “Logan’s Run eats Soylent Green”) and Hotchpotch (“An Action Packed Humorous Comic Book Anthology For Children Of All Ages”) – and 100% Biodegradable, too?

David Hailwood says he was raised in a somewhat surreal youth hostel on the south coast of England, where it was perfectly commonplace for hordes of swarthy Vikings in full battle regalia to charge upon the premises, without having booked a reservation first.

Over the past twenty years his brain matter has leaked onto the pages of over 30 different comic publications, including Egmont’s best selling children’s comic TOXIC. He has written comedy material for ITV and E4, and been shortlisted for two BBC sitcom writing competitions.

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