Art Attack!

May 1st-15th sees the return of Street Blitz to London – the interactive way to conduct guerrilla art. The idea is to use the whole city as an open gallery. Install your art, or creative urban landscape subversion, and then post up details on the Blitz website map with text and pics to encourage others to visit / enjoy / join in.

As the organisers say, “The corporate image factory… doesn’t ask your permission to push images in your face so neither should we seek consent in order to leave our own mark on the city…”

Will comics creators join in with Banksy and others, we wonder?

• More info:

Streetblitz “Partners”

Art in Cities

Wooster Collective

Stencil Archive

The Anti-Advertising Agency

Graffiti Research Lab


Stencil Revolution

Arofish Stencil Graffiti

Art of the State

Space Hijackers


Reclaim the Streets

Indymedia UK

Art Crimes



Space Invaders

Obey Giant


Blek le Rat

Billboard Liberation Front

Sticker Switch

Street Res



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