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Whether you’re looking for a place to discuss comics with like-minded individuals, or you’re after ideas for new titles, comics podcasting has the answers – and now, the makers of some of the UK’s finest shows are about to reveal some of their secrets at the upcoming Bristol Comics Expo in May.

As broadband and MP3 players became commonplace, it made distributing large files over the internet much easier and not long after, podcasts were born. Simply put, podcasts are typically fan-produced internet radio shows on any subject they feel passionate about.

Comics podcasting started in the USA about three years ago and some shows have now produced over 400 episodes.

Comic creators have always been more accessible to readers than other media, appearing at more conventions and signings, but rarely is there time for a long talk with other people stood in line. Now fans have a means of contacting creators directly and a chance to discuss all those burning questions in a live forum. This was previously possible with Q and A columns in magazines, but podcasts allow real-time interaction, without the delay.

“Comics podcasting has continued to evolve,” explains Barry Nugent from British podcasters Geek Syndicate, “and now video podcasts, and live recordings of talks from comic conventions around the world are available.

“Comic podcasts have developed to reflect the diversity available within the comic medium itself,” he adds, “so while some will focus on mainstream superhero comics from Marvel and DC, others look at independent comics, or a specific segment of the industry, such as horror comics or all ages titles.”

Inspired by others, comics podcasts from a UK perspective are now being made. So whether you’re looking for a guide through the murky world of geekdom (Geek Syndicate), a trans-Atlantic view on comics from the women of (Birds of Geek), the true antidote to the average comic book podcast (Quiet! Panelologists at Work), another view of comics from a woman’s perspective (Comic Racks) or some hidden gems from the world of independent comics (Comic Book Outsiders), the UK comic book podcasts group has it all.

Hosts from all of the UK comic book podcasts will be appearing on a panel on Sunday at the Bristol Comic Expo to answer your questions about podcasting and comics.

• For more information visit comicspodcastsuk.wordpress.com/main-page or drop by the Geek Syndicate table at the Festival.

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