As FLOODS return, so does British charity comic project, strip appeal launched

Floods Charity Comic

In 2007, British comic creator Adam Grose initiated a project with writers and artists producing a comic eBook of one page cartoon strips exploring the theme of ‘Flood’, in reaction to the UK floods experienced in July 2007.

Creators include Ben Womack, Simon Spurrier, Simon Mackie, David Hailwood, Tom Millsom, Nick Miller and others, and featured a special drabble – a 100 word story – by Doctor Who writer Paul Cornell.

I was delighted to be part of that project and the result was an on-line downloadable comic strip that was made available via Lulu raising funds for the Red Cross – and Adam and I have decided to do a new one.

Responding to the current flooding in Bangladesh, India and the United States (in Texas and now, Louisiana) Adam and I are calling another opportunity to produce a book to raise funds and call upon writers and artists to produce another one page strip exploring Climate Change and Flooding.

"Flood: Expectations" my one-page strip for the 2007 project, drawn by Simon Mackie

“Flood: Expectations” my one-page strip for the 2007 project, drawn by Simon Mackie

Here’s what Adam is asking for:

Writers: Write a one page script exploring the theme Climate Change/ Flood and Adam will forward the script onto an artist who has expressed an interest in producing a one page strip.

Artists: Adam will forward a script from a writer to be illustrated (and Adam will letter the finished strip). Alternatively you can produce your own one page strip or an illustration exploring the same theme of Climate Change/ Flood.

Writer/ Artist Team: If you are a writer & artist team or know anyone you can work with, you can produce a one pager and e-mail the finished strip to Adam once completed.

Adam will produce the comic as an on-line eBook and a printed version (POD) which will be available via Amazon and Lulu. All profits raised will be given to relevant fund raising money for the relief efforts in the United States. The printed version does not raise much due to the costs of production taken by Amazon, however the more it is shared the more we will be able to raise.

Adam will share the profit per book once completed so there is full transparency.

To express an interest in this project please e-mail for more information or to send your one page scripts, strips and illustrations/ pin-ups for this project. Please spread the word to all your friends, fellow writers and artists and through your social networks highlight this project to writers, artists and readers.

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This downloadable book was created to raise funds for the Red Cross. Initiated by Adam R. Grose and with the help of John Freeman, a wide selection of writers and artists came together to create this book. It features 27 pages of one page tales and images based upon the theme ‘FLOOD’. Contributors: John Freeman, Bill Storie (as Mike Nicoll), Smuzz, Paul Cornell, Simon Guerrier, Tony Suleri, Simon Mackie, Tom Milsom, Leonie O’Moore, Adam R. Grose, Team Sputnik, Ben Womack, Dave West, Jeremy Briggs, Jay Eales, Dave Hailwood, Toshiro De Smeyter, Richard Diesslin.

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