Auction Spotlight: This Week’s Catawiki International Original Comics Art Auction

This week’s Catawiki International Original Comics Art Auction has some more fine British and European comic art on offer. Here are some of the highlights, with an emphasis on British comic art…

Among the items that have caught our eye this week, a smashing Lucky Luke original by Serrat Bernat, a veteran cartoonist, illustrator and animator.

Bernat has worked on Disney comics for different countries, for the Bruguera publishing house, on Dragons and Dungeons, and many other comics.

Art by Andrew Howat, made for the adaptation of the story “The Flying Dutchman” and published on the back cover of Look and Learn magazine, cover dated 8th January 1977

Lion comic’s Robot Archie is at the mercy of “idiot human” drivers in a page drawn by Ted Kearon from the adventure “Robot Archie in The Crystal Leopard”, published in 1967

A page from “The Trigan Empire” story, “The Lokan Invasion” – (1967) by Don Lawrence

Artist Enrique Badia Romero is selling another of his Modesty Blaise originals

A beautiful character design by Jean-Claude Servais, part of the generation that modernized Belgian comics from the 1970s (check out his official web site here)

Finally, Andy Capp is up to his usual tricks in a strip dated 1990, by his creator Reg Smythe

Check out this week’s full Catawiki International Original Comics Art Auction here, closing 7.00pm Thursday 28th April 2022

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