Award-winner Corbain Wilkins seeks backing for ‘Breaker’s End’

2012 Observer/Cape/Comica Graphic Short Story Prize winner Corbain Wilkins has a new graphic novel, Breaker’s End, in the works and hopes to release a special edition using the Kickstarter crowdfunding service.

Breaker's End

Breaker’s End tells the story of a fragile, ageing couple who in their youth rejected the system and society, the pressures to conform, get married, get a job, mortgage, kids, and have opted instead to live life their own way, on the margins, off the official records, off the map, in a pocket of woodland called Breaker’s End. But the threat is nearing of property developers set to build on ‘their’ land.

Comics editor and advocate Paul Gravett, who has seen the work says he is “truly impressed and moved by it”, and  I’d add that in my view, the first chaper you can read online looks simply gorgeous, generating an immediate empathy for the characters the story centres on.

“It’s surprising, touching and revealing about the sort of ‘invisible people’ (to reference Will Eisner, one of Corban’s big influences) who are mostly ignored by other media,” says Paul.

Corban won last year’s Observer/Cape/Comica Graphic Short Story Prize with ‘But I Can’t’ and hopes his fans will support his plan to publish this special edition of Breaker’s End by supporting his Kickstarter campaign. He’s offering all sorts of levels of support and extras like a lovely two-colour print (below).

“Great British graphic novels like this don’t come along that often,” enthuses Paul Gravett. “You can help make this one happen!”

Breaker’s’s End Kickstarter Page

Read the first chapter of Breaker’s End (PDF Link)

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