B7 Media teases new SF thriller comic project, Pilgrim: Secrets and Lies

Audio drama and documentary producer, and publisher B7 Media have further teased their new four-issue comic series, Pilgrim: Secrets and Lies, an all-new SF adventure thriller set on a much-changed Earth on hundred years from now.

Pilgrim – Secrets and Lies, from B7 Media

Published by B7 Media, written by me, John Freeman, the mini series features art by Neil Edwards, coloured by Martin Baines, lettered by Jim Campbell, and covers by Alex Ronald and Neil Edwards.

B7 Media announced the project last year, teasing the cross media project an eight-page promotional strip featured in SHIFT Magazine, drawn by Wam Nick, now available to read for free on the Pilgrim 2121 web site.

A Kickstarter for the series is coming soon.

  • Pilgrim: Secrets and Lies - Promo Art
  • Pilgrim: Secrets and Lies - Promo Art
  • Pilgrim: Secrets and Lies - Promo Art
  • Pilgrim: Secrets and Lies - Promo Art

Pilgrim: Secrets and Lies – based on the universe created by Bev Doyle, Richard Kurti and Andrew Mark Sewell – digs deep into the millennia old strata of our planet and unearths something… completely unknown. Dormant since long before the dinosaurs, it’s incomprehensible, ancient – and alien.

With the world transformed by environmental disaster, tensions rising between the Western Alliance and the Eastern Coalition and space colonisation beyond our solar system now within easy reach, the discovery lying beneath the Antarctic ice promises to be a threat we have never faced before.

Some will go to extreme lengths to expose the deadly enigma’s secrets. And others will go even further to protect them…

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