Backwards Burd Head To Belfast for May MCM Convention

Oi!: Tales of Bardic Fury Volume One - Cover


London comics group Backwards Burd is heading to Belfast on the 2nd – 3rd of May, spreading their slothy goodness at the King’s Hall Complex MCM convention. The quartet of Sajan Rai, Daniel de Sosa, Siobhan Alcaide and ShaneMelisse have spent the past three years barrelling around the UK with their catalogue of surreal, offbeat, and often offensive zines and graphic novels.

The team will arrive off the back of two successfully Kickstarted comics – F**k You Kitty Jenkins and Oi! Tales of Bardic Fury, both available as electronic and print editions.

(Daniel seems to be adab hand with Kickstarter, having just successfully gained backing for some new “Sloth” t-shirts, which will join his other designs here on Redbubble soon).

Jenkins is a compiled anthology about an inter-dimensional three-eyed cat that sends people on unwanted spirit quests, resulting in assorted psychological and scatological consequences. The graphic novel showcases the range of Backwards Burd’s artists, from Rai’s otherworldly scenery, to Melisse’s dramatic compositions.

De Sosa’s recently-released Oi! is a fantasy comic about rock star bards and hippy cult leader druids in ancient North Ireland. It has been described by one critic as a “hysterical combination of Asterix and Father Ted“.

Also being showcased are Sajan Rai’s cult-favourite Brocko ‘N Frens, “butt-clenchingly funny” (Hannah K Chapman, Off Life) stories of high-school escapades, Siobhan Alcaide’s Stories About You + Me, a sugar-coated diary comic dealing with the oddities of retail work. Shane’s Pickles and Chips is a surreal and quinticentially British tale about odd-couple twins enrolled in the same college.

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