Bald Scots wanted to play Middenface McNulty!



An appeal for someone to play mutant Middenface McNulty in a cameo role in an upcoming not-for-profit fan film based on the 2000AD series Strontium Dog has generated a huge response, according to the team behind the project.

Johnny Alpha, Wulf Sternhammer and Harvey have already been cast for the film, which is being produced by the  creators of the hugely-acclaimed Judge Minty, a Judge Dredd fan film. (The makers of this film have no association with Rebellion or 2000AD).

The film will be based on the work of Carlos Ezquerra, John Wagner and Alan Grant and the team will attempt to create a ‘taster’ for Strontium Dog, based on an abridged, but coherent story, hopefully allowing us to cherry pick a selection of iconic moments.

The call went out for Middenface earlier this week on the project’s Facebook page, asking for the following:


Tough looking Bald Scot (or willing to shave head)
– To play iconic Strontium Dog character (Middenface McNulty), in small cameo role.
– With the ability to speak in broad Glaswegian accent.
– Lean and tough looking
– Not allergic to latex
– All production for this role will take place in the South of England
– 1 day prosthetic prep
– 1 day filming
– 1 day dubbing

Contact including photo.

“We’re an unofficial fan film, so nothing can really be referred to as ‘approved’,” say the team, “but Carlos Ezquerra has seen all casting choices and ‘liked’ them.

“Following the old adage that you only get one chance to make a first impression, we’re not announcing the castings until we’ve had a chance to do a proper full costume photo shoot. This will hopefully happen at the back end of February.

“It’s not a promotional thing, we just want the first photos we release of Johnny and Wulf, to show them as they will appear in the film. Bearing in mind we spent and entire day at a fitting for Johnny Alpha’s suit, it would be a shame to rush it!”

Check out the project’s web presence at

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  1. These guys are fantastic. Judge Minty was a phenomenal piece of work, possibly the very best fan film I’ve ever seen.

    So, VERY excited to see what they cook up for my favourite bounty hunter!

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