Bananaman heads back to TV screens, Fox Entertainment seeks UK writer for new adaptation

BEANO star Bananaman is to slip back onto our TV screens thanks to a partnership between Fox Entertainment – and Beano Studios.

Beano 4022 cover featuring Bananaman
Last year’s celebratory BEANO 4022 cover featuring Bananaman

Broadcast (registration required) reports Fox Entertainment is to reboot the character and is seeking a UK writer to adapt the series, who will work with its in-house animation house, along with Bob’s Burgers producer Bento Box Entertainment.

The deal may be part of Beano Studios ongoing efforts to to reimagine DC Thomson comic character archive for TV, which, as we previously reported, include hopes for series based on the BEANO‘s top character Dennis (the Menace), Hotspur’s Nick Jolly The Flying Highwayman and Marina, a young girl who could see into the future, from girls comic Spellbound.

A splendiferous and silly superhero first created for Nutty back in 1980 by David Donaldson, Steve Bright and artist John Geering, Bananaman survived that humour comic’s demise and continues to delight his many fans in the Beano.

Bananaman's first appearance, in Nutty Issue 1 in February 1980. Art © DC Thomson.
Bananaman’s first appearance, in Nutty Issue 1 in February 1980. Art © DC Thomson.
A "Bananaman" spread from an unknown issue of Nutty. In early issues the character featured as a single back page strip, but later ousted "Wold Rovers" from the centrespread
A “Bananaman” spread from an unknown issue of Nutty. In early issues the character featured as a single back page strip, but later ousted “Wold Rovers” from the centrespread

For those unaware, the strip follows the adventures of Eric Wimp, an average schoolboy who now lives at 29 Acacia Road in fictional Beanotown, who turns into the mighty, muscled, hair-brained hero, Bananaman, whenever he eats a banana. His allies include Chief O’Reilly and Crow, and his nemeses General Blight, Dr Gloom and Appleman.

Bananaman first appeared in the comic book Nutty in 1980 before migrating to The Dandy in 1985 and, later, The Beano in 2012, where his adventures continue to this day. He also stars in both The Dandy and Beano annuals each year.

Bananaman got his own cartoon on children’s BBC in 1983, which ran until 1986. Voices of the animated characters were supplied by ex-Goodies members Graeme Garden, Bill Oddie and Tim Brooke-Taylor. The series is now available to watch on Amazon Prime. The character has also been a star of his own theatre shows, although an announced feature film never materialised.

At his National Library of Scotland talk (tying in with their Local Heroes comics exhibition) in 2008, co-creator David Donaldson said that one of the highlights of his career in DC Thomson was being flown to Cannes to help promote the Bananaman animated TV series.

Michael Thorn, president of entertainment at Fox Entertainment, told Broadcast Fox is keen to tap into the writers from the character’s origins, although it won’t restrict itself to only looking at UK creatives.

“Given Bananaman’s relationship with its readers, maybe we will hook a big fish in the UK by having that property,” he explained. 

Mark Talbot, chief creative officer of Beano Studios, will serve as non-writing exec producer on the series.


Bananaman by Steve Bright
Bananaman by Steve Bright

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Broadcast: 22nd February 2021 Fox to reboot Bananaman (Registration required)

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Bananaman © 2021 Beano Studios | With thanks to writer Danny Pearson for the heads up

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