Beano backs Climate Change Strike School Kids

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Beano has today issued an open letter from Beano Studios CEO Emma Scott, backing tens of thousands of school kids around the world ahead of the planned youth climate change strike this Friday 20th September 2019.

downthetubes notes Beano is already one of few British news stand titles aimed at a younger audience to largely eschew bagging of the weekly humour comic and ‘free’ plastic toys that contribute to landfill.

They deserve praise for this already, keeping the comic available at pocket money prices either over the counter or on subscription – and because it’s great to be able to sample a comic before you buy it.

Here’s the letter in full, which you can also read on the Beano web site here

Open letter in support of the global climate strikes on Friday 20th September

Beano Climate Action Day 2019Beano Studios is backing the tens of thousands of school kids around the world, striking for action against climate change this Friday.

Our business is powered by kids and what they think. We know that 40% of six to 14-year-olds visiting feel it’s their responsibility to save the planet. So, it’s surely all our responsibility as adults and businesses to help them.

We found that 39% of our audience believe they are the group that should be most trusted to look after the planet. A sobering comparison to only 7% of kids who believe that ‘big companies’ are responsible for leading the change to save our planet.

Our research demonstrates that kids don’t have faith in adults, corporations or Governments when it comes to climate change, something Greta Thunberg’s pointed words and her white paper, recently handed to the US senate, made very clear.

Whether a global corporation or an independent company, as business leaders we all have our part to play and here at Beano Studios we are the first to admit that our green credentials can be better.

So we’re pledging to do more and urging others to act with us.

We are already building a Beano sustainability plan with the help of those most determined to deliver the change – our young audience – and we will publish our plans and actions before Christmas.

We are also making a commitment to use our research with kids to further this cause. We will investigate what kids really think, need and want to happen – and how we as adults and businesses can help translate thoughts into actions.

At Beano we want to help amplify the voices of this frustrated, yet deeply peaceful and kind generation – to effect change for good.

Emma Scott
Beano Studios CEO

The Beano is online at

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