Crowdfunding Spotlight: The Tide Volume Two by Adam Lumb

The Tide Volume Two by Adam Lumb

Independent Sheffield creator and comics publisher Adam Lumb is currently seeking crowdfunding for Volume Two of his dark fantasy thriller series The Tide on Kickstarter. I was one of the people who backed the first volume last year on the basis of Adam’s pitch and promotional art, and like many others, I wasn’t disappointed by its initial promise.

The campaign for The Tide: Manhunt, the second volume of this 12-part dark fantasy tale, is live now and runs until 13th October 2019.

Created, written and drawn by Adam Lumb, inked by Jeff Graham, coloured by Adam (with flatting by Anna Marie Navaja) and lettered by Eisner-nominated Jim Campbell, and additional costume design by Esmé Lumb, The Tide, presented in a smashing oversize European hardback format, is published by Rich and Strange Press. The Tide: Debut Edition, an impressive debut for a new comic creator, opened with a savage crime on the shores of the great lake, and a law-enforcement warden ended up on the run with the witness.

Confronting gateways to a submerged demonic plane, an impending war and the world’s most powerful spy network, she must keep them alive and choose who to trust to see justice done. In Volume Two, the chase is on, and Warden Milas Clay now has to make it to safety with the witness, whom she doesn’t yet trust.

Pursued by both dogs and demonic monsters, they find themselves caught in the open during planet-tide when the demonic gateways open…

The Tide Volume Two by Adam Lumb - Sample ART
The Tide Volume Two by Adam Lumb - Sample Art

“I’m on a mission to make comics with more drama and so created my manifesto for comics,” Adam enthuses, a comic book artist-writer and illustrator who’s worked in marketing, publishing and licensing the visual arts in museums, galleries, theatre and television – including the National Portrait Gallery and the BBC. The Tide: Manhunt is his second book.

“Yep – having an art manifesto is a little pretentious,” he concedes, “but I believe comics have yet to reach their potential as a medium. Like all artistic manifestos, it sets out a personal view of what I want my art to be.

The Tide Volume Two by Adam Lumb - Volumes One and Two
The Tide: Manhunt by Adam Lumb - Maiden Edition
The Tide: Manhunt by Adam Lumb – Maiden Edition

“When cinema first emerged as an art form there was a lot of stumbling around as the cinematic language was created,” he argues. “With notable exceptions, it feels like the medium of comics has been stumbling for a long time and is still stumbling. It has been said by some that true drama does not translate to comics.

“I believe the comics medium needs to connect more with readers at an emotional level if it is to find a wider audience as the mediums of prose novels and film have.
My comics will stumble too – but join me as I search for ways to add believable drama to comics. I might have to do things differently.”

Visit to be taken to the Kickstarter page. The campaign for The Tide: Manhunt runs until 13th October 2019

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The Tide: Manhunt by Adam Lumb

The Tide © 2018 Adam Lumb

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