Bear Alley Books announces Bullet strip “Frontline UK” as next collection

Frontline UK Cover


Steve Holland at Bear Alley Books has announced that his next collection of classic comics is another DC Thomson-published story, “Frontline UK”, reprinting the complete series from Bullet where it appeared back in 1976.

The original artist was Ian Kennedy, who should need no introduction, but is best known today for his Commando cover work , with a second series — also included in the book — by the hugely talented Clemente Rezzonico, who is now almost eighty but still drawing for Commando. His work also featured in DC Thomson’s  Warlord, where he drew “Spider Wells” and “The Loner” amongst others.

“Frontline UK” is the story of a Scorpion ‘tank’ crew fighting a guerrilla war against invaders on British home soil, a story published some eight months before the appearance of “Invasion” in the launch issue of 2000AD (which Jeremy Briggs notes elsewhere, featured some episodes drawn by Ian).

The story was reprinted, with the in-story date changed, in Buddy in 1983 where it was on the cover four times.

“Ian was so good at drawing the little armoured Scorpion that one even turned up in Emma comic in 1978 when he did an Angie story,” says Jeremy.

“I’ve been hanging onto this news for weeks now, wanting to blurt it out but just managing to hold my tongue,” says Steve of this new project, which follows hot on the heels of the release of another DC Thomson collection, Arena. “I think I let slip to one person… but that person was sworn to secrecy and they didn’t let me down.”

“I’m aiming to have this out on 1st December,” he informs us, “in time for any last-minute Christmas presents you need to buy for your pals.”

Here’s some page from the story by Ian Kennedy (© DC Thomson).

Buy Arena from Bear Alley Books

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Frontline UK - Sample Page 1

Art © DC Thomson

Frontline UK - Sample Page 2

Art © DC Thomson

Frontline UK - Sample Page 3

Art © DC Thomson

Frontline UK - Sample Page 4

Art © DC Thomson

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