Beat the Pandemic Blues with Lew Stringer’s Barmy Comix!

Barmy Comix No.1 by Lew Stringer

Comic shops shut? Comic cons cancelled? Postal services delayed? Need a comic to read? Fear not, because you can still read comics digitally, and Beano and Cor! Buster Easter Special artist Lew Stringer is offering Barmy Comix – ready for you to download for free – but donations would be welcome.

“I’d intended to have Combat Colin No.5 out in print by now,” says Lew, “but due to the Coronavirus crisis I’ve put that on hold for a few months.

“Instead, I thought I’d create Barmy Comix No.1, a one-off 32 page compilation of a few of my creator-owned strips from over the years.”

Barmy Comix No.1 features Combat Colin, Brickman, Derek the Troll, and Pedantic Stan, the Comics Fan… plus a nine-page preview of Combat Colin No.5! That’s a quarter of the postponed issue of Combat Colin, plus a few “best bits” thrown in!

Barmy Comix No.1 is free to download but Lew isn’t earning a great deal at the moment so if you want to donate £2 after you’ve read the comic, please PayPal him at:

  • Barmy Comix No. 1 by Lew Stringer - Combat Colin
  • Barmy Comix No. 1 by Lew Stringer - Brickman
  • Barmy Comix No. 1 by Lew Stringer - Pedantic Stan
  • Barmy Comix No. 1 by Lew Stringer - Derek the Troll

Click HERE to download Barmy Comix No.1 – and don’t forget to donate £2!

All characters © Lew Stringer except Pedantic Stan © John Freeman & Lew Stringer

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