Aquamarine – a retro Sci-Fi Game with a look that’s an affectionate tip of the hat to Moebius and more

Earlier this year, a Kickstarter for the retro Sci-Fi survival adventure game Aquamarine raised $18,763 to see its completion.

A quiet survival adventure about perception and discovery in an alien ocean, in Aquamarine, you’re challenged to explore a planet reclaimed by nature. Cultivate new life to survive. Journey into unknown depths. Find your way home…

You play as a lone space traveler known only as The Seeker, whose starcraft is intercepted by a malicious signal while orbiting an uncharted planet covered in water. Forced to eject from her malfunctioning starcraft, The Seeker is marooned on a tiny island surrounded by an endless alien ocean, with nothing but her amphibious survival pod.

Throughout her underwater journey to reach her crashed starcraft, she’ll uncover the lost history of this planet reclaimed by the elements, and learn the true nature of why she ended up here.

A small-scale, story-driven game inspired largely by the psychedelic science fiction of the 1970s and ’80s, Aquamarine combines old-school roguelikes and the survival genre with the exploration and puzzle solving of classic point-and-click adventures.

Aquamarine is the first title developed by international collective Moebial Studios, and is planned for release on PC, Linux, and Mac in Q4 2020.

The team behind the game are now hard at work creating the rest of the world; writing new music, continuing the story, and expanding the gameplay.

From the comics of French artist Moebius, to the animated films of René Laloux and Studio Ghibli, to the outsider art featured in issues of Heavy Metal magazine – the mind-bending sci-fi of the 1970s and ’80s has majorly influenced the aesthetic and world-building of Aquamarine.

Staying true to that golden era, every visual element has been hand-drawn, hand-coloured, and hand-animated, giving the world the feeling of a comic book come to life.

If you weren’t able to back the Kickstarter, or missed it completely, game rewards are now available straight from the project’s official website.

Head to the Slacker Backer Rewards page if you want to help fund Aquamarine‘s ongoing development and claim your copy of the game before it’s released.

Now available are a very limited quantity of 11×17″ art prints available. Check those out here.

Check out the intricate alien world Team Moebial has been building in Aquamarine’s pre-alpha demo. This unfinished sneak-peek of the game will be regularly updated with bug fixes and optimizations, and can be download for free on Itch and Game Jolt.

Aquamarine is also now on Steam. Wishlist it here!

Official Aquamarine web site

Check out the original Aquamarine Kickstarter here

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