Crowdfunding Spotlight: Tallith’s Guide To Fantastical Fungi – D&D 5e Supplement

Here’s a bit of fun for fans of role playing games! Tallith’s Guide To Fantastical Fungi, currently seeking support on Kickstarter, features over 50 fully illustrated magical mushrooms to add some fun to your D&D 5e games.

This unofficial supplement to Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition features a cover by comic artist Lyndon White, with interior art by Katie White, and hosts a wide range of magical effects, including helpful healing fungi, toadstools that will let you shoot lasers from your eyes and mushrooms that will let you merge with your own shadow!

“I had oddles of fun-gi drawing this cover,” says Lyndon. “I love drawing covers in general, but especially D&D / fantasy themed ones.”

The supplement is the work of UK-based Runic Sea Press, a new brand, made up of several people with huge love and enthusiasm for Dungeons and Dragons.

“Dive into a magical world of mushrooms for your 5e roleplaying campaigns,” the team state.

“Tallith will be your guide to a wide range of fantastical fungi, from mushrooms that can distort time and luck, to toadstools that force you to grow a second head!

“This book contains over 50 fully illustrated mushrooms, which make it easy to add some fun and variety to your 5e adventures. It’ll turn that next trip through the forest, or visit to the herbalist, truly unique.”

Each mushroom is fully illustrated, and alongside their magical effects, also includes Tallith’s notes about the mushroom, whether it be advice on how it is used, her experience with it, or just some fun ways to pull pranks with them.

The Kickstarter campaign for this fun unofficial D&D supplement has just under a month to run and has already gained 50 per cent of its modest initial £500 target.

Check out Tallith’s Guide To Fantastical Fungi here on Kickstarter

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