Beezer and Buster original art, early Commando comic and more on offer in latest Phil-Comics auction

Art from Beezer and Buster by Barrie Appleby and Robert Nixon, a host of British comics compete with free gifts, a very early issue of long-running war comic Commando and much, much more, is on offer in the latest Phil-Comics auction, closing this weekend.

The eBay auction house also has some more romance comics complete with accompany gifts, US comics aplenty, numerous issues of Beano and Dandy, Eagle and other titles on offer.

Also available exclusively from Phil-Comics is the wonderful Beano and The Dandy Classic Comic Covers 1937-1988, and currently, there are a limited number of copies signed by current Beano editor John Anderson – only the seventh person hold this prestigious and demanding role. You can grab a signed copy here

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Here’s a selection of lots on offer…

  • ABC of Space Book 1970
  • Action comic #2 - Feb 21 1976 plus flyer for #1,2,3
  • Air Ace Picture Library comic #73-199 (1961-1964)
  • Amazing Stories Science Fiction Pulp Vol 21 #12 - Dec 1947
  • Barrie Appleby Comic Art for "Beezer Club", a five pahe strip for the issue cover dated 14th May 1988
  • Battler Britton Comic Book #1+2 (1960/1961)
  • Battle Picture Library Holiday Special 1964
  • Battle Picture Library Holiday Special 1974
  • Beano 440 - cover dated 23rd December 1950
  • Beano Summer Special 1966
  • Blazing Combat 2 - Jan 1965
  • Commando 4 (1961)
  • Cracker 3, cover dated 1st February 1975, with free gift - a Facts 'n' Fun Book
  • Fab 208 cover dated 7th May 1977, with script by Valerie Harman
  • Fabulous 208 cover dated 26th August 1972, with original script
  • Fairy Time Comic 1940s David Jones
  • Fantastic, Smash, Pow Summer Special 1968
  • Film Fun Annual 1942
  • Fireball XL5 Annual 1966
  • Fireball XL5 Dot to Dot 1966
  • Frankie Stein Holiday Special 1978
  • Jet Issue 1 cover dated 1st May 1971, with free gift packet (no sweet!)
  • Knockout Fun Book 1953
  • Krazy Holiday Special 1979
  • Lady Penelope 98 cover dated 28th October 1967
  • Lion 116 cover dated 8th May 1954, with free "Space Wonders" gift
  • Mad Magazine Promotional Items 1990s Letter, Poster, Letterhead
  • Marvel UK Madballs Issue 1 cover dated October 1987, with free gift
  • Robert Nixon Comic Art: for Beezer - "True Brit" for the front and back covers of the issue cover dated  12th September 1987
  • Robert Nixon Comic Art for Buster: "Clumsy Colin" for the issue cover dated  6th July 1988 and reprinted in 1988
  • Robert Nixon Comic Art for Buster - "School Team" for the issue cover dated 27th July 1985
  • Sexton Blake Detective Library Book 1989
  • Tiger and Jag, cover dated 16th October 1971, with free gift - a Soccer Booklet
  • Tiger Annual 1967
  • Tiger Annual 1969
  • The Topper Book 1970
  • Whizzer and Chips cover dated 28th February 1970, with free Disguise Kit gift

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• Don’t forget to check out Phil-Comics Beano and The Dandy Classic Comic Covers 1937-1988 book, signed by current editor John Anderson

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