Ben Haggarty and Adam Brockbank’s Mezolith on Kindle Unlimited

Ben Haggarty and Adam Brockbank‘s stunning Stone Age tale Mezolith, initially serialised in The DFC and collected and continued by Archaia/Boom! Studios, is currently being offed as part of a Kindle Unlimited subscription by Amazon.

Mezolith, Ben Haggarty’s debut graphic novel series, is an extraordinary exploration of the archaeology of the imagination. A cycle of stone-age stories of magic, horror, enchantment, and families, it features Incredible art by by Adam Brockbank (concept artist for X-Men, Troy and the Harry Potter film series).

Set 10,000 years ago, before Britain was an island, Mezolith, published in the U.K., United States and across Europe, was a The Times’ Graphic Novel of the Year 2010.

Book One is currently available as part of a Kindle Unlimited subscription from AmazonUK.

10,000 years ago, the Kansa tribe live on the eastern shores of Stone Age Britain, where danger is never far away. Each season brings new adventures, each hunt has its risks, and each grim encounter with the neighboring tribe is fraught with threat. Poika, a boy on the verge of manhood, must trust the wisdom of his elders and endure life”s rites of passage as he finds his place in the tribe…

Book Two is also available as part of a Kindle subscription, which sees Poika’s journey into manhood continue, step by step – caught in a mesh of tribal hunts, gatherings, and feasts determined by the waxing and waning of 13 moons.

The boundary between the real and imagined worlds blur as more and more of the Kansa cosmology is revealed in the dreams, nightmares, and ancestral beauty of Mezolith

Ben Haggarty is a performance storyteller and a pioneer of the European storytelling revival. For over thirty years he has been performing folktales, fairytales, epics and myths to audiences of adults and of children, in venues ranging from caves to the Carnegie Hall. A walking library of more than 350 stories, his repertoire includes East European wonder tales, Irish epics, and modern myths such as Frankenstein and the folklore of Der Sandmann.

Ben was narrative consultant for Jim Henson’s Storyteller series and was the official storyteller with Yo Yo Ma’s Silk Road Ensemble for ten years. He is Honorary Professor of Storytelling at the Arts University of Berlin, as well artistic director of the legendary Crick Crack Club.

. Ben has written two other children’s comic strip series, Will Skoggyn’s Skull and Silk Roads.

Adam Brockbank drew comics throughout his childhood and early teens, drawing inspiration from not only the black and white reprints of Silver Age Marvel comics, but also the French new wave, particularly Metal Hurlant. Comics were abandoned in his late teens in favour of painting, and he studied as a fine artist at the Royal College of Art in London.

These two paths would come together in a career in the film industry as a concept artist and storyboard artist, with Adam working on many films, including Sleepy Hollow, X-Men and Captain America: The First Avenger. But it is for his work on all eight of the Harry Potter films that he is best known, designing the creatures, props and vistas that have brought to life the world of Hogwarts on screen.

Mezolith Book One is currently available as part of a Kindle Unlimited subscription from AmazonUK

• Mezolith Book Two is also available as part of a Kindle subscription

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