“Biggles” by Ron Embleton and Mike Western, French “Robot Archie” cover art offered on eBay

Paris-based comic shop Fantasmak also has an eBay operation selling comic art and cartoons – and their current catalogue includes a number of British comic works, such as pages of “Biggles” by Ron Embleton and Mike Western, first published in the 1950s weekly comic, TV Express, as well as many covers of French reprint comics of the 1950s and 60s onwards.

While it’s of course easy enough to save the store as an eBay seller and keep track of items on offer, you may want to check out their web site direct, where the catalogue features alphabetically, highlighting artists from across Europe, and several key characters, too, including British heroes such as Battler Britton, currently featuring work by Adolfo Buyalla and Carlos Pino, “Biggles” art by Mike Western, and more.

All the art on eBay and the shop is direct sale, not auction. The catalogue, which is similar in some ways to the offering on Book Palace, is regularly updated and the company are open to offers of art on sale.

TV Express - Biggles - art by Ron Embleton
TV Express – Biggles – art by Ron Embleton

Also currently on offer is a War Picture Library cover by Aldo di Gennaro, Robin Hood illustrations by Félix Carrion commissioned through the Bardon Art Agency, and hundreds more artworks, including presumably French “Robot Archie” reprint comic covers.

There’s plenty of Tarzan and western adventure art, too as well as plenty of covers created for other French reprints of British comic titles from the 1950s and 60s. Well worth a look!

The web site also hosts the Encyclo BD, cataloguing “pocket library” (“Petit Format”) comics published in France, mainly between 1949 and 2003. 

Fantasmask is online at fantasmak.com | eBay

The company are open to offers of art on sale. Be aware that there are potentially additional postage and customs charges for art shipped from Europe.

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