Birmingham Hosts UK film premiere with an Indie Comics touch in May

In Transit Film Poster

Is it a comic?Is it a film? Is it — yes… it’s both!

Independent British comics publisher Geeky Comics are about to publish a brand new graphic novel called Rabbit. It’s a project driven by a new comedy film called In Transit you have a chance to see on its premiere in May, all about a comic book writer who is creating Rabbit… A creator who simply wants to get his work noticed, find his place in life and possibly love.

Here’s the official trailer (some swearing)…

Matt (played by Nicholas Shaw) is a quirky daydreamer, stuck in that awkward 20-something malaise – and his slightly bonkers housemates, including love interest Jess (Fiona Rene).

The only problem? Jess has a boyfriend and Matt – whether he knows it or not – has feelings for his lifelong friend, Tina (Melissanthi Mahut).

As an aspiring writer with big ideas, Matt spends his time working on his comic book, Rabbit, a tale of a half Rabbit/half man who travels through time correcting the errors of mankind.

Rabbit comic art

As part of the launch for both comic and comedy film, Geeky Comics are offering you the chance to get along and see the theatre premiere in Birmingham on Monday 23rd May 2016. Walk the red carpet, meet some of the cast and crew, watch the film and then take part in the Q & A panel that follows afterwards.

Plus you’ll be able to buy your copy of Rabbit on the night and get it signed by everyone who made it all possible (including some of the actors).

Geeky Comics is an independent publisher specialising in War, Horror and Crime titles (check out the line here). As an international team, they aim to bring comic readers  the hottest creators in the comic scene, based in the UK, and ship worldwide. They’re regulars at plenty of comic conventions across the country.

• For more information about the comic and the film, visit the Geeky Comics web site: – or just dive in and book your ticket (limited to 120 people) right here

• In Transit Official Movie Site:

Melissanthi Mahut as Tina in the independent comedy In Transit

Melissanthi Mahut as Tina in the independent comedy In Transit

In Transit  stars Nicholas Shaw as Matt (Land Girls, Foyle’s War, Heartbeat, The Rotters’ Club); Fiona Rene as Jess (Critical, The Breakdance Kid, Monster Squad)Melissanthi Mahut as Tina (Blue Train, Quick Cuts); Johnny Sachon as Jason (Casualty, Cloud 9, Deep Cuts, Late Shift – the first interactive movie); Tom Sawyer as Robert (Soldiers of the Damned, EastEnders, Casualty, Hollyoaks, The Bill); and Jerry Marwood as Bazz

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