Black Out Horror anthology debuts at Thought Bubble

Live fast. Die young. On 23rd November the horror-comedy anthology, BLACKOUT II: YOLO, will launch at Thought Bubble Festival in Leeds.

BLACKOUT II: YOLO was created by P M Buchan (La Belle Dame Sans Merci, The Times Literary Supplement), Jack Fallows (Asteroid Belter: The Newcastle Science Comic, The Big Bang), Phillip Marsden (Kerrang!, Off Life), Trystan Mitchell (Hairy Pothead and the Marijuana Stone, Black Star) and Chris Doherty (Video Nasties, The Whale House), with lurid colours by Michael Barnes (Cornelius Blow, Potemkin 2205) and a nasty pin-up by horror-folk-punk band Harley Poe's Joe Whiteford (Herschell Goes to Heaven).

Containing 32 pages of satirical filth about absent fathers, remorseful werewolves, drunken miscreants, accidental murderers, witchcraft, cannibalism and bestiality, this is the sequel to last year's BLACKOUT, which Jamie Smart called ” beautiful and obscene and glorious and depraved” and Kasra Ghanbari (CEO of 44FLOOD) said was ” Sick, brutal, odd and precise.”

Speaking of the shameful new anthology, P M Buchan said: “For the second year running BLACKOUT was refused by the first printers that we approached, but luckily we found a new printer that wasn't intimidated by our 100% guarantee that all BLACKOUT contributors are going straight to Hell.

“This time we have the conclusion to our sex doll epic, “The Object of My Affection”, in which a depraved porn addict finally gets what's coming to him, as well as the return of Zingo the cannibal clown Fat Jackie, the morbidly drunken Geordie superstar cartoonist, we also have a new strip about a teenage boy whose dreams for the future are shattered when he has one too many drinks and wakes with blood on his hands…”

P M Buchan will also be launching the second issue of his Gothic-horror series La Belle Dame Sans Merci at Thought Bubble 2013, and Jack Fallows will be launching his new comic, Axolotl, featuring a catalogue of his humiliating romantic defeats.

• The first BLACKOUT is available for only 10 English pence at in the run up to Thought Bubble. There's more about the creators at or BLACKOUT II will be available to buy online from December 2013


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