Bluestockings Digital Comics Fest continues apace from New York

The New York-based Bluestockings Cooperative is currently running a major Digital Comics Fest until 29th May, spotlighting zines, comics, panel discussions, and workshops from queer and trans people and sex workers.

Bluestockings Digital Comics Fest is a week-long event using the Bluestockings Cooperative website as a platform for artists who would typically rely on physical conventions or zine fests as a large source of income and community building.

They’re featuring all kinds of zines and comics from a huge range of creators across the United States, in addition to hosting a workshop or panel discussion on a variety of topics each night.

Attendance for these events is free. Sales from the event – over 200 titles are on offer on the website – will be split 80/20, with the majority going to the artist.

Bluestockings Cooperative is a worker-owned community space and bookstore guided by the principles of abolition feminism, solidarity, and transformative justice practices. The Cooperative channels it’s community knowledge and values to inform how they move this work together. In order to live our values of equity, they use a consensus-based decision-making structure in day-to-day operations. In practice, that means they use a horizontally-shared decision-making model, have transparent financial practices with one another, and establish their own living wages and/or sweat equity compensation.

For more information, read their About Us page

• Bluestockings Digital Comics Fest – Browse Artist by Name: A-C, D-I, J-L, M-O, P-R, S-Z | Browse by Subject | RSVP to any of the free events to get its Zoom link

Check out every comic & zine in the Festival

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