British Newspaper Strips documented in bumper new book

Independent publisher Book Palace has begun teasing a new book, The A to Z of British Newspaper Strips by Paul Hudson, a 320-page guide to strips as diverse as Andy Capp, Flook, Garth, George and Lynne, Jeff Hawke, Pip, Squeak and Wilfred, Tamara Drewe and Varoomska.

Written by Paul Hudson, former owner of the much-missed London comic shop Comic Showcase, Book Palace describe the upcoming title as the “reference resource about a rich field of comics history that we really need, a definitive guide to the long and distinguished career of the British Newspaper Strip, listing every newspaper strip printed in Britain.”

  • The A to Z of British Newspaper Strips
  • The A to Z of British Newspaper Strips Sample Pages
  • The A to Z of British Newspaper Strips Sample Pages
  • The A to Z of British Newspaper Strips Sample Pages

The book has over 680 entries, of which over 650 are illustrated, and features all your favourites such as “Andy Capp”, “Axa”, “Bristow”, “Flook”, “Garth”, “George and Lynne”, “Jeff Hawke”, “Modesty Blaise”, “Pip, Squeak and Wilfred”, “Rupert Bear”, “Tamara Drewe”, “The Perishers”, and “Varoomshka”, plus many, many more!

This sounds very much like the kind of book that’s not only long overdue, but, as a fan of newspaper strips, one I’m adding to my want list.

Paul was one of the contributors to the fantastic Brian Bolland (illustrators Special) from Book Palace released in 2019.

Paul Hudson appeared in a comic strip himself – well, an ad for Forbidden Planet, drawn by Brian Bolland – back in the 1970s, when he worked at the store. Both superheroes and villains ignore his plea to stop handling the merchandise!

The A to Z of British Newspaper Strips is due out early next year from The Book Palace – sign up for their newsletter on their web site for updates – or bookmark this page on their web site.

Alternatively, you could simply head to their web site to check out their catalogue of newspaper strip art, which currently includes examples of Andy Capp, Bristow, The Flutters, George & Lynne, The Greens, Jane, Jeff Hawke, Modesty Blaise, Mr Midge’s Bodyguard, The Perishers, Pop, Terry and Son, and many more.

If you don’t recognise some of those strips, then you definitely need Paul’s book, don’t you?

The A to Z of British Newspaper Strips
Author: Paul Hudson
Artist: Numerous
Publisher: Book Palace Books, due early 2022
Number of pages: 320

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